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The BEST morning routine!!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

The BEST morning routine!!


Starting your day off the right way, dictates how the rest of your day will look.

The morning is when we should be the most alert, most energetic due to our natural circadian rhythms and cortisol levels, but for many of us it's the opposite.

There are many factors why this could be the case but for now lets focus on what we CAN do to improve our morning routine and kickstart our day.

1.- DON'T press snooze. This creates bad habits and sends the wronfg signals to our brain. Many of the worlds most successful people believe this is one very important habit to break.

2.- Take 3-5 deep breaths to calm the sympathetic nervous system down. Our cortisol levels (if hormones in check) should be at it's highest in the morning, chuck in the alarm our cortisol is now raised even more. By focusing in some deep breathing, just calms everything down.

3. Jump in the shower. Ideally a cold shower but if struggle with that finish off with atleast 10 seconds of cold water at the end then build up gradually from there. This has some great health benefits and you will feel amazing after.

4. Have a big glass of water with some seat salt. Salt has been demonised over the years but Dr Sandra Godek is leading charge here with some incredible research on hydration strategies. Usually when we are dehydrated we aren't lacking water, we are lacking electrolytes, and after sleeping for 8 hrs +, we do sweat, plus the midnight bathroom break, our electrolytes will be low.

5.if time allows, go for a 10-30 minute walk fasted state. This has been shown to be a great way to tap into your stored fat cells as energy , As long as it is low intensity, keeping heart rate below 120 or bpm. Otherwise if doing a gym session, fuel adequately.

6. Get a high protein, nutrient dense breakfast into you. Omelette with plenty of veggies, Overnight soaked oats with a quality protein powder etc. Chuck in a coffee if want.

Simple things, but with consistency will totally change how you feel and your day to day productivity.

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