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northern beaches personal trainer

TeamEMP= Motivated, driven, highly professional, genuine love and passion for achieving and exceeding your goals

northern beaches gym

Emp Performance programs are always challenging and rewarding, as well as the coaches are always available to answer any issues you may be having.

northern beaches crossfit gym

Awesome programming with smart structured days according to your goal. Each week links up and gets you to your goal. Friendly coach, responds quickly on any questions regarding the program

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After falling into the rut of full time work, kids and a decision to return to university to study, i felt that the usual happy me disappeared. I was always tired, i stopped playing a sport that i love and had played at a national level, ate and drank anything i wanted and made the excuse of "i;m too busy" to help myself, despite knowing i was in the downward spiral. 

Coach Luke has turned this around..i was 110% supported in starting this journey, educated in nutrition for training and study, and the results are still ongoing. I lost weight, i feel happier, healthier and have learnt to set goals. My goal at the end of last year was return to the sport i love and with following Lukes coaching i have just recently been selected to represent Australia in the upcoming World Cup Masters Indoor Hockey Championships in Hong Kong.

I highly recommend Luke and Emp Performance for their professionalism, ongoing encouragement and individual attention to my goals. to coach Luke, thank you for standing by me, believing i can get there and i look forward to forever setting new goals. 

frenchs forest gym

Following a national and international athlete career, i found it very hard to commit to another exercise regime for extended periods of time. This was until i began personal training with Luke.

Not enjoying cardio and having never lifted weights, i found it too confronting to attempt the gym. Luke taught me the basics of strength training and i have not looked back since. The EMP programs keep me motivated  and excited to train along with him keeping me accountable through weekly tasks. I am now the strongest i have ever been physically and mentally thanks to Luke and EMP. The release after a tough session has been the most effective way for me, as a anxious person to relieve the stress of full time uni and work.

I cannot recommend Luke and Emp Performance enough for the time, effort and energy that they give to each of their clients.

crossfit gym sydney

Great programming and coaching that delivers results and challenges you each session. Luke is passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals, reliable, and very knowledgeable. 
Luke has been programming for me for over a year and I have never looked back. We have achieved my goals and with him programming I can just focus on getting stronger and fitter - rather than thinking about what to do or if I am doing the right things based on my goals.

personal trainer sydney

I started with Luke to get in shape for my wedding and never looked back. I am so much stronger than i ever thought i would be, and have learnt so much every week. Every session is exciting which keeps motivation high. I would highly recommend Emp Performance.

powerlifting gym sydney

I've been training with Coach Luke for over 5 years. His programming helped get me through the stress of doing a PHD.

I highly recommend Emp Performance for all of your workout needs.

strength and conditioning gym
northern beaches gym

" Two of the best and knowledgeable performance trainers on the northern beaches"

northern beaches gym

"Top notch facility ran by two committed and knowledgeable fellas. 

Highly recommend!! "

northern beaches gym



crossfit gym northern beaches

Luke programs sessions to your skills and abilities. He is knowledgeable and caring, and knows when to push and when to modify training due to injuries or health issues. Delighted to see him in his own specialised gym. I can't recommend him highly enough.

crossfit gym northern beaches

Mel is an absolute legend. Very knowledgeable on all things training and lifestyle changing. So much more than just a personal trainer.

crossfit gym northern beaches

10/10 trainers

crossfit gym northern beaches

Great humans, years of experience and you only have to look at them to see they know their shit. 

crossfit gym northern beaches

Legends, genuine guys and really know their stuff. Wealth of training knowledge and lift heavy AF.

northern beaches gym

Seriously equip yourself for the best of the best in the north and across the Sydney fitness Scene!!

frenchs forest personal trainer

Great training and a wealth of knowledge about fitness and good nutrition. Luke never stops striving to get the best from his clients and furthering his knowledge about his passion.

online coaching

I have been training with Luke for the past 5 years!!

I never felt better within myself than I do now.

Highly Recommend EMP

sydney fitness

The best!!

Luke knows everything about fitness and nutrition.

Great trainer and inspiration!

crossfit gym northern beaches

Luke Preston has been my personal trainer for over 4 years and when he opened Emp Performance, I followed him to his new gym. When you walk through the door, you feel like you are family and the results I have achieved through Luke's personal attention to my strength and fitness needs have been nothing short of extraordinary. I can't thank him enough or recommend him and higher.

northern beaches strength gym

Emp is one of the most professional, encouraging and motivating gyms on the northern beaches. Both coaches provide a loving and professional approach while striving for constant progression both mentally and physically for all members.

functional training gym

Had the best session doing their super Saturday. The trainers explain everything clearly and it's easy to follow.

Would do again!!

womens strength gym

What results have you achieved at EMP?

'Improved strength'

What's your favourite thing about EMP?

'Great coaches and people'

seaforth gym

What results have you achieved at EMP?

'Chinup goal smashed, lifting heavier each week, physical changes'

What's your favourite thing about EMP?

'Great vibe at the gym and great people'

strength and conditioning gym

What results have you achieved at EMP?

'Body comp slightly changed and getting stronger'

What's your favourite thing about EMP?

'Great group of people training each day and coaches are engaged with clients'


When I first came to EMP I was very stuck in a rut, lacking motivation and not seeing any progress and getting frustrated. EMP has made me love training again, and the beautiful EMP fam have got me through some tough times. Since falling back in love with training, all my lifts have started to progress again. And I don’t totally suck at cardio anymore!


Despite COVID, it surpassed my expectations. EMP managed to create a culture that delivers results and supports people of all fitness levels to achieve their goals. I am loving the journey!


Words cannot express how much my life has changed for the better since starting my personal training sessions with Luke a year ago.

My dad had been seeing him after years of chronic pain & issues he was struggling to find solutions for. Seeing these issues finally being alleviated & how much Luke has done for my dad’s overall health & well-being, I decided to start weekly sessions myself.

A year later and I my lifestyle has completely changed. I see Luke for PT twice a week & am at the local gym most days outside of that. I have healthier eating habits. I sleep better. My goals have expanded far beyond what I originally went to him for initially. I can’t thank him enough for the motivation he’s given me to make this lifestyle change.

He really understands each individual client’s needs and is able to cater/adapt to all age groups & walks of life. Luke’s extensive knowledge of health, fitness & the body is apparent when he’s adjusting my sessions on the fly due to injury or because he’s more in tune with my limits than I am.

I cannot recommend him or the EMP family highly enough. Whatever your fitness goals are, go have a chat to Luke and the team. It will change your life

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