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Experience World-Class Online Coaching in Sydney 

Discover a happier, stronger, and more confident side of you!

Not ready to go to the gym but aspire to be fit and strong? Stuck amid your busy schedules, do you lack the time to visit a fitness centre? Do you overlook the importance of regular exercise and wellness?  

EMP Performance is now here with online fitness training that can help you reach your health goals. Our world-class online programs bring accountability, motivation, flexibility and coaching right to you – wherever you are. You can have them right at your fingertips via our mobile app. This helps you achieve your fitness training schedule and goals.

We pride a team of highly competent and certified trainers who will create a unique fitness plan for you, so you can have the best value for each workout session. 

Key Benefits of Our Online Coaching Program

Our online fitness coaching progam in Sydney have gained exceptional popularity among fitness enthusiasts. Here’s why – 

• Do not fret if you cannot make it to our facility. You can follow all our online programs right at your fingertips via our mobile app.  

• It is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their fitness levels, get stronger, and promote mobility.  


• The training programs are curated by our certified online personal trainer who understands unique health needs and helps achieve your fitness goals. This way, you feel stronger, more motivated, and more confident than ever. 


• Our online fitness programs can be tailored to your goals, needs, and location – but they also have a significant impact on habit-building and education to ensure you get long-lasting results beyond the program. 


• We promise that in just 12 weeks of taking our online program, you will feel stronger, happier, and healthier than ever before.  

• Our trainers are always available, so you can share your preferences and concerns anytime. At EMP Performance, we promote open communication and ensure prompt responses to your queries. 

What We Offer 

Emp Performance gym online training

At EMP Performance, you can access our weekly programs right from the app but with the focus and accountability you need to stay in shape. We promise outcomes that are proven in just 12 weeks! So, here’s what you can expect when you join an online gym program in Sydney: 

Top-notch tailored strength training and conditioning programs that will help you get started on the path to a healthier and stronger YOU. Follow the programs from anywhere in the world with access to state-of-the-art equipment.      

Setting fitness goals starts by learning about your needs and establishing realistic objectives.  

Have easy access to our weekly programs via our phone app. Our specialized EMP Performance mobile app gives you instant access to our weekly online programming sessions.  

Using our app, you can effortlessly keep a tab on your accomplishments and advancement over time. We provide a realistic view of where you stand in your fitness regime. 

You can expect new exercise sessions at regular intervals, every 4 weeks. In view of your progress, we will update the web-based training program to guarantee the best outcomes.

Our online training is based on an all-encompassing methodology, including functional fitness, structured strength training along with weightlifting and added accessory programs.

If required, we may also provide general nutrition support to complement your online coaching and attain proven results. 

Here is a quick glimpse into what our online training offers: 

  • EMP community access 


  • Access to EMP discounts 


  • Weekly programs for fitness, strength and weightlifting 


  • Support + Accountability 


  • Monthly updated strength blocks 


  • Nutritional support 


  • EMP nutrition, training & mobility handbooks FREE 


  • Session and progress tracking 

Join our web-based world class fitness program today!

Online fitness Training Program that Promotes Your Wellbeing & Life Transformation

Being healthy and fit isn't a cakewalk; it requires commitment, responsibility, and persistence as your body goes through a progress. At EMP Performance, our online fitness training program in Sydney can provide you with a better outlook on overall well-being and happiness.  With our professional and result-oriented training, you will gain more confidence about your body and yourself.

Out workout sessions do not follow the latest trends and fads; we center around your future and guarantee more supportable and dependable outcomes. During the process of transformation, you will know that our sessions aren’t just about physical exercises. We strive to promote your emotional and spiritual well-being to bring out a better and healthier you. 

Your well-being is our foremost priority and therefore, we aim at ensuring you a healthy, happy, and well-rounded lifestyle. The weekly programs will keep you grounded as you attain your fitness goals – ensuring you continue to live a healthy lifestyle. This enables you to achieve long-term and sustainable results.     

What are you waiting for?  Join our online program today and get 2 weeks free!   



Using proven structured training programs & world class coaching we guarantee to help you be the best you can be


You will be working with our highly experienced coaches either through personal training or in our small group classes that offer a hands on coaching experience to ensure you are  constantly progressing & improving week to week. 


Education with nutrition, mindset & training.

Motivation from our coaches & training with a community of like minded individuals.

Progression  through our structured training approach to keep you injury free , progressing & most importantly enjoying your training . 

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