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Kickstart Your Journey to Improved Health and Fitness with the Best Personal Trainer in Sydney 

Welcome to EMP Performance – the home to the best personal trainers in Northern Beaches, Sydney!


EMP Performance is not about quick fixes – we are here to help you achieve healthy and sustainable fitness habits for the long haul. Whatever your health goal – strength, weight loss, functional fitness or body toning – we have highly competent and certified personal trainers to support you through the entire journey. 

Professional Sydney Personal Training to Drive You Towards Peak Performance 

It’s no secret that one-to-one personal training is one of the most effective ways to boost your fitness results in a gym environment. Whether you are hitting the gym for the first time or are a complete fitness freak, a proficient Sydney personal trainer can help you navigate through your health & fitness goals. 


EMP Performance is lucky to have certified personal trainers who will understand your unique goals and requirements, and create effective & safe exercise programs. Unlike group fitness classes, we will create an individualised plan for you that will help maximise your performance and get the best results. This is based upon thorough body assessments and nutritional evaluation that helps ensure you exceed your health & fitness goals. 


The training sessions can be seamlessly integrated into your preferred schedule and daily lifestyle. This makes us one of the best gyms that offer personal trainers in Sydney.  

Our Personal Training Offer – The Best You Can Get in the Town!

At EMP Performance, our valued members typically combine their group fitness sessions with personal training for a holistic experience. Keeping their preferences in mind, we have designed our personal training offer. It includes: 


2 x personal training sessions + 7 days access to unlimited small group classes - $100 only!


Grab our offer today and get access to the following: 


  • One-on-one personal training with the best gym workout personal trainer in Sydney – Two sessions

  • Unlimited access to our entire gym section for 7 days 

  • Small group strength training 

  • Small group weightlifting 

  • Super Saturday team fitness session 

  • Functional fitness sessions 


Enquire now to grab this special offer!

Expert Personal Training for All Levels of Abilities & Experience 

Do not fret if this is your first time in a gym or if you never have had a personal fitness trainer before. We have individualised training programs designed for both beginners and professionals in mind. Our members take pride in our friendly and experienced personal trainers who customise their approach to every person’s individual ability, experience, and fitness goals. This way they ensure that you feel confident and comfortable in the training program. 


So, if you are looking for the best gym trainer personal in Northern Beaches, get in touch with us today. 

We are Not a Gym; We are a Fitness Community!

EMP Performance provides dedicated private training sessions, meticulously curated to design a motivating and fun atmosphere for our members. We aren’t just any gym you will find in Northern Beaches; we believe in and breathe a community spirit that will help you live largely and attain your goals. 


In addition to our certified Sydney personal trainers, we have carefully designed spaces that are curated with personal fitness training in mind. Our state-of-the-art gym facility is equipped with high-quality and safe equipment that can help you achieve the strength, flexibility, agility, and body shape you have ever desired – under the strict vigilance of our trainers. 


Whether you are here for a week or in the long term, we assure you personalised attention and positivity that you will get nowhere else in Sydney. 


Personal Training in EMP Performance Ensures a Holistic Approach 


Fitness, exercise, nutrition plans, weight training – everything is designed around your individual bodily needs and goals. 

Take your health and fitness to the next level with our best personal trainer in Sydney.   


Want to do our small group classes and personal training?

This membership is for you!

Weekly 45 minute
Personal Training session

Nutrition plan + accountability

Unlimited group classes

EMP all access + member discounts 

Weekly program + accountability

Open gym access between classes

*2 week notice cancellation



Lacking accountability?

Have specific goals you want to achieve?

Need more of a individualized approach with your training + nutrition?

Work with one of our highly experienced coaches.

Contact us today to speak with one of our coaches about personal training.




Using proven structured training programs & world class coaching we guarantee to help you be the best you can be


You will be working with our highly experienced coaches either through personal training or in our small group classes that offer a hands on coaching experience to ensure you are  constantly progressing & improving week to week. 


Education with nutrition, mindset & training.

Motivation from our coaches & training with a community of like minded individuals.

Progression  through our structured training approach to keep you injury free , progressing & most importantly enjoying your training . 

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