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Want to be your strongest?

Testing week showed huge results for our team


We have just finished our testing week here at EMP and what a week it was!!

Some massive results with some huge PBs across all of our sessions throughout the week.

How how Members are achieving RESULTS!!

Our strength program consists of a 12-16 week training phase broken into 4 week mesocycle (training blocks).

Our program is designed & structured to create new adaptations for our members each phase.

We put a big emphasis on progressive overload with all our strength work.

This is fundamentally the best way to enable our members to get stronger in a structured and progressive manner.

Over a week we program 3 x dedicated strength sessions covering all aspects of compound, accessory & stability work for all body parts.

Recent results!

Our testing week last week proved that if our members are consistent on a weekly basis , our program will yield results!

We were blown away with the amazing achievements from our team.

Examples such as:

Byron father of 2, busy professional squatting + deadlifting 180Kg + (20kg PBs)

Leanne busy professional 40+ Performing bodyweight pullups for the first ever

Josh 21 yr old tradie adding 20kg to his deadlift

Many of our EMP mums deadlifting over 100kg+ for the first time ever

Plus so many more....

Check out our recent reel here to watch some of our members PBS:

It's a credit to the hard work and consistency our members put in on a week to week basis all with the common goal of wanting to pursue their potential and be the best they can be.

If you are serious about your health & fitness goals & want to get stronger, then we can help you.

Reach out to us today, book a free consult and we will work out the best plan for you :)

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