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Join the Best Group Fitness Classes in Sydney – EMP Performance 

If your regular fitness regime feels mundane, spice up things by enrolling in one of our group fitness classes in Sydney. It gives an excellent opportunity to receive expert guidance and individualised attention from our certified personal trainers. At the same time, you can connect with a like-minded community, attain your fitness goals, and stay motivated. The training sessions are designed to suit fitness needs at all levels, so anyone can join, challenge themselves, and get results. 


Build Your Strength, Well-being, and Confidence with Our Group Fitness Classes 


Whether you are a complete novice or an exercising freak, our fitness classes in Sydney are designed for individuals of all capabilities and ages. We believe that exercising in a group has excellent physiological and psychological benefits. And therefore, EMP Performance wants to make the most of these and create effective and challenging fitness sessions for all abilities. We offer a wide range of group fitness classes that have several benefits: 


  • Motivation and encouragement: Exercising in a group can be a great motivational tool that can help you get the most out of the class and improve your abilities. According to studies, people are likely to push themselves more to improve their output when working out in a group. This helps them keep encouraged and achieve their fitness goals. 


  • Try new exercises: Through group fitness in Sydney, we motivate individuals to try new varieties of exercises that can help enhance their abilities. When you work out in a group, you tend to participate in exercises that you haven’t tried before. Mixing up your fitness routine or trying new things isn’t just fun, but also has several health benefits. 


  • Meet new people: No matter how much of a fitness freak you are, working out individually can be boring at times. Our group training classes are designed to help you meet like-minded people who share a common interest – fitness and well-being. The concept of community-based exercising can make the entire experience even more fun.      


  • Greater output: Being guided by a professional instructor, great music, and working out in a group with like-minded people – what more can you expect to have your happy hormones gushing through the veins? Group exercising also motivates you to take up challenges and deliver to the fullest. Together, these can help improve the benefits of our fitness classes. 


What Our Group Fitness Classes Cover? 


EMP Performance is the best place to stay active, get in shape, and improve the quality of your life. Have the most experienced and certified fitness coach in Sydney guide you throughout the session, catering to your individual needs whenever you need. Join our classes and get access to:


  • Small group weightlifting program 

  • Small group strength training and conditioning session 

  • Results-driven, personalised training program 

  • Super Saturday team fitness program 

  • Functional training sessions 

  • Access to open gym classes in Sydney 


If it is about being stronger, EMP Performance has our strength & conditioning programs. If it is about sweating out, we have our cross-fit & cardio sessions. And if it is about improved flexibility and agility, we have specially designed mind & body programs. Whatever your physical abilities, we have just the right group fitness class for you to choose and achieve your health goals. 


Group Fitness Training Like Nowhere Else in Sydney!


Group fitness classes at EMP Performance are heavy on community, high on energy, and simply unmissable. We take an award-winning and proven approach that ensures feel-good training to help tick all your fitness goals. With the top coaches in Sydney on board, we know what works best in a group and how you can make the most out of each session. Whatever your abilities or health goals, our unmatched expertise can help you get through and shine. 


When you exercise in a group setting, you push harder – under the observant eyes of our expert trainers. The energy-boosting training programs can ramp up your strength and confidence, and take your fitness journey to the next level. With our fitness classes in Sydney, you can be assured of exhilarating workout sessions, a motivating experience, and a sincere team spirit.     


Belong to the future of health and fitness with EMP Performance. Join our group fitness classes today and take charge of your overall well-being!


Access to our weekly programs at your fingertips via our phone app, updated weekly with session + progress tracking

Unlimited access to our daily small group classes 

Free EMP ebooks, social events, in house events + member discounts 

Weekly Accountability + support

After hours + Open gym access between classes

*2 week notice cancellation


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Access to our weekly programs at your fingertips via our phone app.

Access to any 2 of our group classes a week 

EMP all access + member discounts 

Accountability + support

After hours + Open gym access between classes

*2 week notice cancellation


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Access to our weekly programs at your fingertips via our phone app.

Access to 1 x group class a week

EMP all access + member discounts

Track all session results + progression

After hours + Open gym access between classes

*2 week notice cancellation


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The ‘EMP Performance’ Difference  

Wondering what makes us the most trusted and reputable fitness studio in Frenchs Forest? Let’s check out. 

Variety of training programmes to choose from 

Nowhere else would you get such implausible variety of training programmes to choose from as per your unique fitness needs! From busy professionals to youth, we have exclusive programmes for each so you can work out amid your comfortable space. 

Expert trainers 

We boast the best team of fitness trainers in Sydney, who specialise in athlete development, cross-fit training, weightlifting, bodybuilding, strength and conditioning, mindset, and nutrition. They have years of industry experience and are also certified, ensuring your health and fitness needs are in safe hands. 

Best-in-class equipment

The best fitness studio requires the best equipment and mindset to achieve proven results. Therefore, we never compromise with the quality and variety of fitness equipment you will find in our gym.   

Small group training 

We stand out from others in the way that we impart fitness training in small groups of like-minded individuals. The sessions are led by highly experienced trainers and always keep you motivated. 

Maximise your performance, build strength and mental ability, and achieve your fitness goals with EMP Performance. 
Join Team EMP Today! 



Having joined EMP when first opened I had a hip injury and was also in a training rut. Luke and Mel were so informative, supportive and caring and have since paved the way to a more structured results driven exercise regime that I absolutely enjoy. I also love the group classes as I am challenged to achieve better outcomes each time with Luke’s encouragement. Best of all I feel the best I have in a long while and am injury free ! EMP caters for all walks of life, age and fitness levels, has a wonderful sense of community and is hands down the best gym I have been to in many decades!


Joining this gym was without a doubt the best thing I did in 2020. I have always struggled finding my confidence at the gym but this is more of a community than anything else. In my opinion Mel & Luke are 2 of the best coaches you will find in this industry; they really care about their clients and they are always guiding and encouraging me to achieve my goals. I never thought I would say I enjoy going to the gym but I love EMP.


Joining this gym just over a year ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Before joining I had no experience in the gym, the trainers have, and continue to help me every step of the way. They are patient, knowledgeable and very supportive. I’m proud to say in the year that I’ve been with them that my physical and mental health have come a long way, I’ve built life long healthy habits and continue to look forward to every session. The community that the trainers have built is welcoming and definitely feels more like a family rather than just people you see at the gym. ❤️

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