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It is Time to Take Charge of Your Health & Fitness Goals with EMP Performance!

Strongest you've ever been in 90 days .. that's our guarantee to you!!


Are you a busy professional, unable to manage time for your health and fitness? Is a poor lifestyle, work stress, and unhealthy eating habits taking a toll on your overall well-being? It is time to take charge of your health and live a more fulfilling life. 


Join us at EMP Performance and we can help you explore a balanced and healthy lifestyle that is tailored to YOU. Our training programmes can be exclusively designed for busy professionals and delivered in small group class environments for optimum results.    


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Amp Performance group training gym

who we are

EMP Performance is built on the vision to create an environment that fosters the idea of “wellness.”

Through dedicated EMP training, we focus on building and nurturing the habits and beliefs that can inspire you to be the best you can be. Our objective is to provide the top levels of experience, service, and expertise unparalleled to others in the fitness industry.    


EMP’s core values lie in resilience, culture, education, integrity, and achieving the results you set out to do. 

EMP Training Services We Specialise in  

If you are looking for the best gym in Frenchs Forest, look no further than EMP Performance. However, we aren’t just any ordinary gym. We focus on holistic well-being so that you go back home feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated – physically and mentally. 

Check out what you can expect at EMP Performance: 


Nothing’s like working out in an environment and among people who breathe and live “fitness”! Keeping this in mind, we have designed our group fitness classes where you can train in small groups that ensure personalised attention as well as fun. Talk to our team for best-in-class group training near me.


Are you looking for one-to-one training that will specifically focus on your unique health goals? Work with the best personal trainer in Frenchs Forest at EMP Performance. We have some of the most experienced personal trainers on board who will understand your health needs, educate you, and create the right fitness regime for you.   


Do not have time to go to a gym or fitness centre? Join our online program and indulge in a tailored fitness regime from anywhere in the world. Our strength and conditioning programmes are designed for anyone who wants to workout from home and stay hale & hearty. 


Physical fitness and the inspiration to stay healthy should come from an early age. Therefore, EMP Performance has designed special youth training programmes that are ideal to help the youth get stronger, both physically and mentally. The training is suitable for youth aged 11-15 years who want to improve their physical strength and emotional well-being to pursue any desired sport. 


This is our “12-week results proven program,” wherein we promise that you will look and feel better and more confident than ever before. We have some of the best fitness trainers on board who leave no stone unturned to deliver proven results. The program paves the path for long-term education, motivation, and progression – together which makes EMP training a success.     

The ‘EMP Performance’ Difference  

Wondering what makes us the most trusted and reputable fitness studio in Frenchs Forest?
Let’s check it out. 

Variety of training programmes to choose from 

Nowhere else would you get such implausible variety of training programmes to choose from as per your unique fitness needs!

From busy professionals to youth, we have exclusive programmes for each so you can work out amid your comfortable space. 

Expert trainers 

We boast the best team of fitness trainers in Sydney, who specialise in athlete development, cross-fit training, weightlifting, bodybuilding, strength and conditioning, mindset, and nutrition. They have years of industry experience and are also certified, ensuring your health and fitness needs are in safe hands. 

Best-in-class equipment

The best fitness studio requires the best equipment and mindset to achieve proven results. Therefore, we never compromise with the quality and variety of fitness equipment you will find in our gym.   

Small group training 

We stand out from others in the way that we impart fitness training in small groups of like-minded individuals. The sessions are led by highly experienced trainers and always keep you motivated. 

Maximise your performance, build strength, mental ability and achieve your fitness goals with EMP Performance. 


Join Team EMP Today! 

Emp Performance group training gym
group training gym Frenchs Forest
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Emp Performance group training gym



Get coached by the best personal trainers on the northern beaches!

Luke Preston

Emp Performance Co-owner

Learn more about Luke Preston

personal trainer Luke Preston

mel bteddini

Emp Performance Co-owner 

Learn more about Mel Bteddini

personal trainer Mel Bteddini

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8/4 Aquatic drive, French's Forest, Sydney

 Tel. 0404410810

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Frenchs Forest Strength and conditioning gym servicing the local communities of:
Frenchs Forest, Belrose, Davidson, Forestville, Killarney Heights, Beacon Hill, Allambie Heights, Seaforth
Emp Performance gym The no.1 small group training gym in the Forest district!




Emp Performance gym The no.1 small group training gym in the Forest district!
Emp Performance gym The no.1 small group training gym in the Forest district!
Emp Performance gym The no.1 small group training gym in the Forest district!
Emp Performance gym The no.1 small group training gym in the Forest district!
Emp Performance gym The no.1 small group training gym in the Forest district!


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