EDUCATION from highly experienced coaches!

MOTIVATION from a supportive community of members!

PROGRESSION from a structured and results proven training method!


"Our vision is to create an environment that helps individuals build the habits & beliefs to be the best they can be"

Owners Luke Preston & Mel Bteddini


No matter whether you are an athlete or a busy professional/ parent looking to get in the best shape of your life, we guarantee our programs will help you reach your goals to being the best you can be!

Our programs are designed by coaches with over a combined 20+ years industry experience using methods that are proven time and again to get our TeamEMP members results!

We have group classes 6 days a week

Our classes are: Small group strength training, Weightlifting, Functional fitness 


We also offer online coaching, personal training & our youth strength & conditioning classes

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Here at EMP we pride ourselves on our core values:


Resilience - The ability to not give up

Culture - A group of people with a common goal 

Results - Achieving what you set out to do

Potential - What could you become if you got out of your own way

Education - Teaching principles that get results

Integrity - Do what you said you were going to do 


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Become your strongest version in 90 days.... Thats our guarantee to you!!

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I have been training with Luke and Mel from EMP for about 9 months. I love the community feel of the gym and how supportive everyone is. The classes are scaled so whether you have never set foot in a gym, or are a seasoned regular you are always pushing yourself. I am stronger now than I have ever been so the programming has been really beneficial.


Joining this gym in Frenchs Forest just over a year ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Before joining I had no experience in the gym, the trainers have, and continue to help me every step of the way. They are patient, knowledgeable and very supportive. I’m proud to say in the year that I’ve been with them that my physical and mental health have come a long way, I’ve built life long healthy habits and continue to look forward to every session. The community that the trainers have built is welcoming and definitely feels more like a family rather than just people you see at the gym.


I love the fact that these guys are particular about form. When lifting alone, it is easy to fall back to bad habits but with trainers watching, I can stay consistent. In the beginning I though $60 a week is high for a gym but the classes are like PT sessions with individual attention so for what you get it is so cheap!


Love everything about EMP. Best gym in the Forest. Luke and Mel are excellent trainers and know so much. I always wanted to lift weights at a gym but had no idea what I was doing. EMP provides the perfect balance of strength and conditioning training and there are plenty of classes to choose from. A lot of thought and planning goes into their programming and it makes it super easy to turn up and have it all outlined for you. Everyone is super supportive and just wants you to smash your own goals. From the moment I stepped into EMP I never felt intimidated or out of place. I was welcomed from Day 1 and we have many laughs along the way.


Having joined EMP when first opened I had a hip injury and was also in a training rut. Luke and Mel were so informative, supportive and caring and have since paved the way to a more structured results driven exercise regime that I absolutely enjoy. I also love the group classes as I am challenged to achieve better outcomes each time with Luke’s encouragement. Best of all I feel the best I have in a long while and am injury free ! EMP caters for all walks of life, age and fitness levels, has a wonderful sense of community and is hands down the best gym I have been to in many decades!

Strength and conditioning gym Frenchs Forest
Strength and conditioning gym Frenchs Forest
Strength and conditioning gym Frenchs Forest

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Small group training gym
French's Forest

8/4 Aquatic drive, French's Forest, Sydney

 Tel. 0404410810

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Frenchs Forest Strength and conditioning gym servicing the local communities of:
Frenchs Forest, Belrose, Davidson, Forestville, Killarney Heights, Beacon Hill, Allambie Heights, Seaforth
Strength and conditioning gym Frenchs Forest




Strength and conditioning gym Frenchs Forest
Strength and conditioning gym Frenchs Forest
Strength and conditioning gym Frenchs Forest
Strength and conditioning gym Frenchs Forest
Strength and conditioning gym Frenchs Forest