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We are a community-based strength & conditioning gym in French's Forest offering small group classes & personal training. 


We are a safe place for all our members made up of people from all walks of life..


-Parents / busy professionals that are time poor who are looking to stay strong, fit & healthy but can only commit to a few hours a week


-Athletes who are looking for that extra edge in their chosen sport


-Teenagers who are just starting their strength & conditioning journey


Whether you are an advanced trainee or perhaps a beginner, we have the programs to help you.


What you can expect from us at EMP⬇



-Using proven structured training programs.

-A wide variety of class types every day with a hands-on coaching experience.  

-World class coaches with years of experience.



You will be working with our highly experienced coaches either through personal training or in our small group classes that offer a hands-on coaching experience to ensure you are constantly progressing & improving week to week. 



Education with nutrition, mindset & training.


Motivation from our coaches & training with a community of like-minded individuals.


Progression through our structured training approach to keep you injury free, progressing & most importantly enjoying your training. 

EMP Performance gym testimonial
EMP Performance gym testimonial
EMP Performance gym testimonial
EMP Performance gym testimonial


If you are looking for the best small group training gym on the Northern Beaches, look no further!
EMP performance group training

Group Training

Gym classes near me.

Small group training with that personal training feel!

We take our training seriously and our group training classes are an example of that.

Classes 6 days / week

Strength, Functional fitness, Weightlifting, Sweat, Mobility

Gym access 7 days a week.

See our class types, timetable & membership options here.

Meg transformation Emp Performance gym

Personal Training

Personal training near me.

Are you looking for one-to-one training that will specifically focus on your unique health goals? Work with the best personal trainers on the Northern beaches at EMP Performance. We have some of the most experienced personal trainers on board who will understand your health needs, educate you, and create the right program to help you reach your goals.

EMP performance gym

Online Training

Can't make our facility, yet want to follow our programs?

This is for you. 

Our strength and conditioning programs are designed for anyone who wants to follow our results proven programs from anywhere in the world.

EMP Performance gym kids classes

Kids classes

Physical fitness and the inspiration to stay healthy should come from an early age. Therefore, EMP Performance has designed special youth strength & conditioning classes that are ideal to help kids get stronger, both physically and mentally. The training is suitable for kids aged 10-14 years who want to improve their physical strength, mobility and fitness.  

youth sport performance program

Youth sport performance

Our youth sport performance program is designed for teenagers 15-19 years of age, looking for that extra edge in performance at their chosen sport. 

Weekly structured strength & conditioning program with progression tracking via app, delivered by highly experienced strength and conditioning coaches, in a small group class environment.

Limited spots available. Every Tuesday + Thursday.

See details here. 


Get coached by the best personal trainers on the northern beaches!
Personal training near me.
Click here to meet all of our EMP coaches!

Luke Preston

Emp Performance Co-owner

Learn more about Luke Preston

personal trainer Luke Preston

mel bteddini

Emp Performance Co-owner 

Learn more about Mel Bteddini

personal trainer Mel Bteddini

Get in Touch

8/4 Aquatic drive, French's Forest, Sydney

 Tel. 0404410810

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Emp Performance gym The no.1 small group training gym in the Forest district!
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