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Our EMP Method is a simple but RESULTS proven method.

We EDUCATE you on all things training, health and nutrition to ensure you are on the right path to success.

We MOTIVATE you whether be inside or outside the gym, holding you accountable to achieving the results you desire. 

We help you PROGRESS with our RESULTS proven weekly training system. 

Our motto here at EMP is:

'Potential isn't promised, its pursued.' 

Meaning in order to achieve something you need to do the work. 

So, if you are ready to pursue your potential, contact us today!



If you are looking for the best gym in French's Forest, look no further than EMP Performance. 

Check out what you can expect at EMP Performance: 
EMP performance group training

Group Training

Small group training with that personal training feel!

We take our training seriously and our group training classes are an example of that.

Classes 6 days / week

Strength, Functional fitness, Weightlifting, Sweat, Mobility

Gym access 7 days a week.

Meg transformation Emp Performance gym

Personal Training

Are you looking for one-to-one training that will specifically focus on your unique health goals? Work with the best personal trainer in Frenchs Forest at EMP Performance. We have some of the most experienced personal trainers on board who will understand your health needs, educate you, and create the right fitness regime for you.   

Emp Performance group training gym

Online Training

Can't make our facility, yet want to follow our programs?

This is for you. 

Our strength and conditioning programs are designed for anyone who wants to follow our results proven programs from anywhere in the world.


Kids classes

Physical fitness and the inspiration to stay healthy should come from an early age. Therefore, EMP Performance has designed special youth strength & conditioning classes that are ideal to help kids get stronger, both physically and mentally. The training is suitable for kids aged 10-14 years who want to improve their physical strength, mobility and fitness.  

youth sport performance program

Youth sport performance

Our youth sport performance program is designed for teenagers 15-19 years of age, looking for that extra edge in performance at their chosen sport. 

Weekly structured strength & conditioning program with progression tracking via app, delivered by highly experienced strength and conditioning coaches, in a small group class environment.

Limited spots available.

Run each school term. See details here. 

Emp Performance group training gym
EMP performance
Jax transformation



Love everything about EMP. Best gym in the Forest. Luke and Mel are excellent trainers and know so much. I always wanted to lift weights at a gym but had no idea what I was doing. EMP provides the perfect balance of strength and conditioning training and there are plenty of classes to choose from. A lot of thought and planning goes into their programming and it makes it super easy to turn up and have it all outlined for you. Everyone is super supportive and just wants you to smash your own goals. From the moment I stepped into EMP I never felt intimidated or out of place. I was welcomed from Day 1 and we have many laughs along the way.


Having joined EMP when first opened I had a hip injury and was also in a training rut.
Luke and Mel were so informative, supportive and caring and have since paved the way to a more structured results driven exercise regime that I absolutely enjoy.
I also love the group classes as I am challenged to achieve better outcomes each time with Luke’s encouragement. Best of all I feel the best I have in a long while and am injury free !
EMP caters for all walks of life, age and fitness levels, has a wonderful sense of community and is hands down the best gym I have been to in many decades!


Been training at this gym for the past two years around my footy commitments. Can safely say the work these two fellas put into developing their clients significantly improves sporting performance. Always great vibes around the place and the gym means more then just working out to all of it's members. One big community where every body, no matter ability or stage of their fitness journey is made to feel welcome enabling them to thrive and achieve their best personal outcomes. Love this place!


Joining this gym just over a year ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Before joining I had no experience in the gym, the trainers have, and continue to help me every step of the way. They are patient, knowledgeable and very supportive. I’m proud to say in the year that I’ve been with them that my physical and mental health have come a long way, I’ve built life long healthy habits and continue to look forward to every session. The community that the trainers have built is welcoming and definitely feels more like a family rather than just people you see at the gym. ❤️


Get coached by the best personal trainers on the northern beaches!
Click here to meet all of our EMP coaches!

Luke Preston

Emp Performance Co-owner

Learn more about Luke Preston

personal trainer Luke Preston

mel bteddini

Emp Performance Co-owner 

Learn more about Mel Bteddini

personal trainer Mel Bteddini

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8/4 Aquatic drive, French's Forest, Sydney

 Tel. 0404410810

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