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Tips to stay in shape over the Christmas break

Tips to stay in shape over the Christmas break


Christmas means for most plenty of food and alcohol

A time that can easily undo alot of the hard work and consistency you have put in throughout the year to be fit, strong & healthy!

Below are some simple tips to help you stay on track over the break & maintain what you have achieved physically:

  • -Use fasting techniques ( have a Christmas lunch or dinner? skip breakfast etc, this can give you those extra calories to be consumed later in the day)

  • -Increase residual activity ie walking etc ( ideally still get a few strength and conditioning sessions in over the break , but if you can't get to the gym, get some more walking in , go for a run etc)

  • -Focus on protein first before all the sweet stuff ( eat all the ham, Turkey, fish etc first as this will help with satiety and of course all the other benefits of protein, then endulge on some of the sweet stuff after )

  • -Stay hydrated and I'm not talking the bubbles ;). Keep water intake high especially when drinking them bubbles & beers !!

All in all ,let your hair down a little as it is a time to laugh, relax and enjoy some downtime with friends and family :)

Then come the new year, set them goals and we can build the plan to help you achieve them with our Ultimate You program!!

Strength and conditioning gym Frenchs Forest

Ultimate You program.

'Potential isn't promised, it's pursued'!!

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