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Stop using these oils!!

Stop using these oils!!

Low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, keto, vegan, carnivore

Regardless of the camp you are in, the one thing you should be avoiding when it comes to your nutrition is :

Seed/Vegetable oils!!

These are toxic to the body in many ways.

Oils such as:

Vegetable oil

Canola oil

Corn oil

Cottonseed oil

Grapeseed oil

Rice bran oil

Safflower oil

Soy oil

Sunflower oil

These oils contain poly unsaturated fats which are fats that are very un stable in the body leading to increased free radicals which causes inflammation and oxidative stress within the body.

They are high in omega 6s, we should be focusing on more omega 3s.

They cause damage to our cells which in turn can lead to serious health complications and diseases.

These oils are hidden dangers and you would be surprised as to how many of the foods you probably eat regularly contain these.

From rice packets to sauces, to most packaged foods, cereals, museli bars, to marinated foods etc. Most restaurants will cook with them also.

These oils are everywhere.. Why?

Because they are cheap to manufacture and use.

Have a look in the foods you have at home, you will be shocked!

They are linked to health issues such as:


Autoimmune diseases

Mental health and cognition

Diabetes and obesity

Heart disease



Macular degeneration



As you can see some serious health implications linked to seed oils.

Oils we should be using instead are:

Coconut oil

Avocado oil

Extra virgin olive oil



These are your best in terms of health benefits along with to cook with.

Start focusing on using single ingredients, less packaged food, more whole food options.

Take control of your health today and reduce/eliminate these oils the best you can!!

You can check out what we have to offer here at EMP from group classes to online programming.

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