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Turn your health & fitness from average to amazing in 2024

Follow these simple steps to get in your best shape this year

Health and fitness tips for an amazing body
Health and fitness tips for an amazing body

With life throwing spanners at us day in day out, we can tend to forget about the importance of looking after ourselves. Before we know it, we start to gain a little too much weight, start to lose general fitness and strength. Once this starts it's only a slippery ladder to long term negative health effects.

To combat this, we need to focus on simple daily habits that can provide a positive outcome for our general health. By following these habits, not only will your physical health reap rewards but also your mental health.


The sweet spot in order to reap all the rewards that strength training has to offer (which is ALOT) is average of 3x sessions a week. In saying that, if you were to follow our strength program at EMP Performance, you could get away with 2 x sessions a week due to the structure of the programming.

Tip #2 - eat a 90% wholefood diet

For the high performing athlete yes, processed foods can be beneficial in Fuelling performance due their fasting absorbing nature, but in general most of us should be prioritizing a mostly wholefood diet. This means mainly eating foods that are a single ingredient

"People aren't OVER-FAT, they are UNDER-MUSCLED. Muscle is the organ of longevity" Dr Gabrielle Lyon


We can't stress enough the importance of protein not only for maintaining lean muscle and recovery but also for all the health benefits eating enough protein has shown to have. Depending on who you are and what your goals are typically you should be aiming for 30-50g of protein per meal. This is where speaking with a qualified coach can help you.


We all know the importance of sleep, right?! If you aren't quite up to scratch on the benefits of sleep, on our EMP Performance blog page you will find a great blog we did on these benefits. Typically, the sweet spot for adequate sleep is 7+ hours a night.

Tip #5 - non-exercise activity

NEAT aids for around 20% of our daily calories burned. This includes activities that aren't Ie exercise specific. So, the simplest way to increase your NEAT is by walking more re hitting daily steps. It has been shown that anything over 7,500 steps a day has many positive health benefits.

Tip #6 - Hydration

Now hydration doesn't just mean water, in fact too much water can dehydrate us... crazy right!! Hydration includes electrolytes, most importantly adequate salt. Simple things like adding some salt to your water can do wonders Even more important for those who partake in physical activity. Speaking with a qualified nutrition coach or nutritionist can help you with adequate hydration strategies.


By following these simple daily habits, they will go a long way to helping you get in amazing shape this year and beyond. Don't wait for tomorrow to start focusing on your health and fitness, make it priority starting today. If wanting to speak with one of our personal trainers here at EMP Performance to help you start and build a plan according to your goals, contact us today!

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