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Are you pursuing your potential?

Are you pursuing your potential?

Our motto here at EMP is "potential isn't promised, its pursued"!

Meaning, results aren't given you have to work for them.

Now for us, this is in reference to our health & fitness capabilities, but also refers to anything in life.

Whatever the goal may be, you must work hard consistently in order to pursue it.

In reference to what we do here at EMP.

Our vision is to create an environment that builds the beliefs & habits to help individuals be the best they can be .... Pursuing their potential!!

Now for our members to pursue their potential there are 3 things we believe they must focus on.

1- Environment

As mentioned above (the right environment)

This is something we pride ourselves on having here at EMP.

A very strong culture of people all in line with our core values.

Those who want to succeed for also want to see you succeed with them.

Get rid of the negative people around you, there is no time for people like that in your life.

Having a network of people around you like this does wonders for your success.

2- Habit stacking.

We focus on the basic habits that will move us closer day in day out to being the best we can be.

Some simple habits can be :

-Food quality

-Water intake

-Sleep quality

-The right Training plan


It's the simple habits done day after day that yields results.

This leads me into the last thing we focus on

3- Consistency

Life is about reps and repeat.

The more reps you do the greater results you will receive.

For eg doing 3 training sessions every week will yield greater results then 1 training session a week.

Getting 7 hrs. of sleep a night will yield greater results then getting 5 hrs. of sleep a night.

Yes we will all fall off the wagon from time to time, that's life but it's how quickly you can get back on and get the wheels moving again consistently is what matters the most.

If struggling atm and in a rut, just set yourself a simple goal for this week ie train 2 x sessions and then focus on doing that consistently for a few weeks until you then up it to 3 x sessions a week. Not only will you start to get back into a positive routine but it will start to help you make better daily decisions of possible bad habits you are currently doing, in which will lead you down a better path, yielding better long term results.


If you enjoyed this , forward it on to people you think it may resonate with :)

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