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Are you lacking magnesium?

Are you magnesium deficient??

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body, responsible for the function of over 600 enzymes...and most likely you are lacking it!!

Around 50-75% of the population isn't getting enough magnesium to meet the daily allowance. The daily RDA for magnesium mis 350-420mg/day.

Especially with our current lifestyles and the amount of internal & external stress we are faced with on a daily basis, magnesium levels are depleted dramatically.

The more stressed you are the more magnesium you need!

Factors that contribute to magnesium deficiency

  • Poor diet

  • Low stomach acid

  • High sugar/fat intake

  • High refined carbohydrate intake

  • Vitamin B^, selenium or sodium deficiency

  • medications

  • Type 2 diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and heart failure

  • High calcium, vitamin d or phosphorus intake

  • Antacids, proton pump inhibitors

The benefits of magnesium

  • Magnesium deficiency can cause immune dysfunction

  • Magnesium deficiency promotes oxidative stress and deplete intracellular glutathione (our bodies main antioxidant that protects us against free radicals)

  • Magnesium improves fasting blood glucose in those with diabetes and glucose tolerance in those who are at a high risk of diabetes

  • Magnesium depletion promotes symptoms of depression and anxiety

  • Magnesium improves neurological health

  • Magnesium promotes relaxation and stress relief (helps create serotonin in the brain which promotes relaxation and wellbeing)

  • Magnesium promotes sleep efficiency, onset and quality

As you can see magnesium is a very vital part for our health and immunity.

Can we get it from food though or do we need to supplement?

Food sources for magnesium

Unfortunately, due to soil depletion and food processing magnesium is very hard to get just from food. On top of that things such as: stress, insulin resistance, sweating, metabolic syndrome, lifestyle factors etc. can deplete us even more.

Below are foods that are magnesium rich, per 100g:

  • Pumpkin seeds - 534mg

  • sesame seeds 351mg

  • Brazil nuts 376mg

  • dark chocolate 327mg

  • almonds 268mg

  • black beans 160mg

  • mackerel 97mg

  • dark leafy greens i.e spinach, Swiss chard, kale 79mg

  • bananas 27mg

Magnesium supplementation

Magnesium supplementation may be needed for most people due to deficiencies.

Below are some forms of magnesium that are proven to be the most effective with supplementation.

There are many forms of magnesium but the ones with the best bioavailability are:

citrate, glycinate, malate.

Glycinate especially for sleep.

Hopefully you can take something away from this and if needed ensure you are getting adequate amounts of magnesium into your diet.

Ensure you always seek advice from a medical practitioner with supplementation.

Reference- The immunity fix (DR James Dinicolantonio)

If ready to start your journey with us, contact us today!



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