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How to overcome an injury setback?

Updated: Sep 13, 2020


Injury setbacks are a part of many athletes' journey novice and professional. it's just the nature of the beast. How we choose to deal with these injuries is totally up to us though. injuries suck but it's important we know how to deal with them mentally, emotionally and psychically so we can overcome them and then become even better.

Here are some steps to consider.

- Accept the injury, accept the crap feeling but just know you can come overcome it and 99% of injuries aren't a forever thing. The quicker you can focus on recovery rather than dwelling the better you'll be.

- Seek the correct treatment! Go get a few opinions on the best course of action, Different practitioners have different approaches, it's important you find the best person for you. 

- Have a clear big picture goal and set a date

-Have small goals along the way so you can build momentum.

- Set non negotiables in rehab, things you must do no matter what.

-Surround yourself around people than will pick you up and inspire you around adversity "even after your injury"

-Be patient, some things take time.

-Work on other things that compliment your training that you can still do. Work on your nutrition, prehab, sleep and everything recovery.

Just remember obstacles are meant to be overcome, you got this :)   

Coach Mel


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