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Why count calories?

Updated: Sep 13, 2020


Counting calories is the new age of the fitness industry where people are now able to eat the foods they like as well as reach their body and performance goals. For so many years the fitness industry was consumed with the notion of boiled chicken and rice along with more restrictive dieting and countless detoxes. 

It gave the unrealistic expectations of what it really took to become the best version of yourself, it made things harder than it needed to be.

Here are some reasons why I encourage everyone to count calories.

- It teaches you to have a better relationship with food, it makes you understand that there are no good and bad foods for weight loss.

- Food is more than fuel, food is something that brings people together. We are always consuming food at social events and gatherings, learning to count cals gives you the ability to eat the foods you like at events without feeling of guilt.

- It gives you the ability to determine whether your performance is being affected from your nutrition rather than second guessing.

- It creates discipline.

- YOU are what you eat- Performance wise food is huge 

- YOU can gain fat eating chicken and rice.

-MOST importantly life without yummy food is SHIT

Coach Mel


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