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Why your NOT seeing results!

Why your not seeing results!

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Why your NOT seeing results!!

Working with many clients over my 10 years in the fitness industry I tend to see common patterns.

Patterns that are holding people back from seeing results and maintaining results!!

Yes we all have our ups and downs through life but by being somewhat consistent with what I call ' simple' habits which for many aren't a habit at all, we can maintain a decent foundation therefore when we dial in our health and fitness goals we are already starting from a good base, opposed to trying to dig ourselves out of a deep hole we have put ourselves in through shit habits.

Common things I see with clients that are holding them back are:

-Overstressed body

Keys to this focus on quality sleep, less screen time, /vitamin mineral supplements where necessary, adequately fuel properly through nutrient dense nutrition

-Under fueled

90% of people aren't eating enough protein , eat sporadically each day, Under eat during the week, over eat on the weekend, lack key vitamins/minerals

️-Under muscled

Because of the above and the below can't build & maintain a good base of lean muscle, this leads to being overfat ie ( skinny fat ) .

Muscle is a very important organ , linked to many health benefits and is so crucial as we age .

-Not training enough

We all should be doing a good 45-60 minute strength & conditioning 3-4 x week to illicit strength, fitness & lean muscle progress

-Not training hard enough when you train

Too many people aren't truly working to their capabilities or pushing themselves hard enough when they are in the gym.

Looking at their phones, resting too long, going about the motions.

This is why having a coach / environment to help you push harder and get the most out of each session is very important to see progress with your health and fitness.

. .

Focus on changing/implementing these habits and watch your health & fitness improve dramatically.

- Coach Luke

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