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"Weight Loss or Fat Loss"

Updated: Oct 12, 2020


Weight loss or fat loss??

Aren't they the same you ask!!

Well no, if you are seeking weight loss your purely referring to a number on the scale.

If you are seeking fat loss, scale number won't matter so much, whereas you should be focusing on adding more lean muscle.

Muscle weighs more than fat, therefore when seeking fat loss, the number on the scale isn't always a key factor to seeing results.

In terms of your nutrition approach to weight loss, a calorie deficit will usually be the first approach unless you are metabolically screwed in which a different approach will be needed.

Whereas the nutrition approach to fat loss won't always be a calorie deficit, instead focusing on certain macronutrient targets each day in order to fuel you to perform each session, aiding in helping you build more lean muscle which in turn will have you building more calories over a 24 hr period.

There is a lot of restrictive nutrition plans out there today, but you need to be real careful restricting certain foods and calories due the detrimental effect it can have metabolically/hormonally on you.

Our main focus at EMP is to you having you eating more, to enable you feeling fuelled everyday to perform at your greatest inside and outside of the gym while burning more calories at rest.

So unless you have ALOT of weight to lose in which a calorie deficit will be needed, your nutrition approach should be focused on being fuelled adequately...

This is where we at EMP can help you !!

Coach Luke


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