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The importance of our gut- part1!!


The gut!!

Such a complex topic we were still to this day learning more and more about.

But from what we already do know, is that our gut microbiome plays a huge role in our overall health.

It is our second brain, with our longest cranial nerve the Vagus nerve running from our abdomen to our brain. This nerve is responsible for the regulation of internal organ functions such as heart rate, respiratory rate, digestion & certain reflex actions such as coughing, sneezing swallowing etc. As you can see this is a very important part of our health.

So what does this mean...well if our gut microbiome is off then we will experience issues stemming from our vagus nerve.

Anxiety, depression being 2 major issues related back to the health of our gut, which the vagus nerve as you can see plays a huge role with the connection to our brain.

We have 300-500 different species of bacteria in our digestive tract with some being harmful, the majority of them being necessary. If our good bacteria starts to get over balanced by bad bacteria this is when we can start to experience un wanted symptoms such as:

Digestive issues- bloating, gas, diarrhoea etc

sugar cravings

bad breath

food allergies/sensitivities

moodiness, anxiety, depression

skin problems


autoimmune disease/suppressed immunity

Plus a host of other issues.

But this is a major factor in today's society especially with the rise of a poor diet, less daily activity, more stress and more exposure to toxins/chemicals etc.

This is why doing what we can to look after ourselves internally and externally is very important to enable us to live a healthier life full of energy and positivity.

In the next blog post I will go over the steps you can take to start to fix your gut if are experiencing any of the issues along with how you can maintain a health gut microbiome into the future.

Coach Luke

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