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A lot of the time I hear people talk about counting calories and ‘dieting’, bulking, cutting, building - everyone seems to skip a very important part.

Understanding macronutrients and what they actually do, and understanding the role that they play.

You can go ahead and cut out all the different food groups you like but I can guarantee you will want all the things you have just removed.

You can go keto…..for a while before that gets hard

Low carb, high protein,


Shakes only

Vegan (not because you actually believe in it)

You can be carb free, fat free, and remove all the enjoyment from your life. Before that gets too hard and you “cave” and then start the cycle all over again. So let's break it down and make it easy!

Protein - 4 calories per gram. These are our building blocks from a cellular level. Not just for building muscle but from every cell in our body. It is essential for muscle growth and repair.

It will also keep us fuller for longer as it’s thermic effect is a lot higher than the other macronutrients. And THIS is why we make it a priority!

Carbohydrates - 4 calories per gram - carbohydrates are the body’s preferred fuel source and assist training performance. It’s always the intention to gradually increase carbohydrates as lean mass increases and we can decrease fat storage. BUT it isn’t essential for our survival.

Fats - 9 calories per gram - used to maintain our endocrine system, our immune system, Libido, and cognitive function. Also helps to increase the absorption of the nutrients that we are consuming.

So before you plunge into another diet that you can’t sustain, how about you give yourself a chance for some consistency.

Coach Ellie

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