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"Burn the boat"

Updated: Aug 10, 2020


“Burn the boat”

Burn the boat and and take the island. This is the analogy I like to use for most goal oriented things in life.

Goals aren’t maybes!

Don’t create maybes? Create musts! 

Create non negotiables

The analogy to is to put your self in a situation where you are Forced and more importantly drawn toward the goal created.

If you burn the boat, your forced to take the island or in turn you’ll sink. So get your paddle on.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

I really believe once you burn the boat and set the goal..often why people don’t make it to the island isn’t because the goal is unachievable but purely because they try and paddle to fast.

They set an unrealistic time frame, unrealistic checklist and only think of the short term fix!

Once my me and my clients set sights on the island I like to think what’s the minimal amount of tasks and non negotiable I can do daily/weekly that will keep me paddling.

Instead of thinking of your health and fitness goals as a sprint, think of them as a marathon. Sure it might be the longer road but it definitely is the greater chance of success and sustaining.

Instead of committing to training every single days, commit to 4 days and maybe a step count.

Instead of cutting all your favourite foods out learn to count calories and make them


Love a wine and some cheese? Instead of 3 glasses cut it to only 2.

Have one less piece of bread 

Walk to work instead of the bus

Just implement small wins in everyday life and keep on paddling.

Coach Mel


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