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Do you have FOMO?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020



Fear of missing out...on gains!!

Let's be honest the current situation is shit. Gyms are closed and most people are going crazy. I think we've seen enough home workout in the last few weeks to last us the decade.

Do they work? Yes and No.

Should you be focusing on home work outs at the moment? Yes and No.

Are there more important things to focus on at the moment? YES.

Use this time to focus on the things you took for granted. having a gym to train in, being able to purchase a good source of protein and even just being able to go for a walk with friends.

For the next few months we miss those things yet when we finally get back to normal you won't ever take them for granted again.

The most important thing you can do in this time is build the foundation of discipline. Daily tasks that when you can get back in the gym, will push you forward expediently.

Focus on nutrition, sleep, drinking enough water and even just showing more gratitude.

We often focus on the big picture, yet the real magic happens when we focus on the small daily habits.

I encourage you to pick 5 things daily that will push you toward your goals, however big or small they are.

Repeat it daily!!

Compounding discipline is the secret to success.

Ps.... Did I tell you we have a 21 day home workout plan now available. 🤣🤣

For us it's not even about the workouts,

It's about the other stuff we teach you, it's the small things, the daily habits,


When you do the small things, that's when the real magic happens!!

Join our team..


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