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Big dreams and small wins!!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020


Let's keep this short and sweet.... this relates to all goals and not just fitness.

Think of something that you really want to achieve, lets make it a biggggy!

Something that's always been on your mind. 

And often that's where we get seems so far away.

Our dreams will only ever be as good as our habits. Simple things to think about change your shit habits.

-Poor sleep!!

-Get off your phone before bed!

-Bad food choices!

-Prep your lunches!

-Always lethargic!

-Move more!

-Always angry!

-Do a gratitude journal!

Think of 3 things that you aren't happy with currently and in turn think of 3 positive things that you can do daily to beat it.

Trust me it works!

Coach Mel


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