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Why you're failing!!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020


Now when I refer to failing, I am talking in relation to your health & fitness goals, but it does have a carry over affect to everyday life.

Why you are failing.....Well there could be a few reasons, but over the years of working with many clients, the trend I have noticed is people will often fall behind achieving their goals due to the lack of routine and planning.

Having a daily routine planned out the night/week before plays a huge role in seeing results short and long term.

Short term you will have more wins each day, which will lead to greater wins long term.

This is especially more important during the current circumstances we are in, (we chat more about this alongside our Psychologist Dorian Richards in our latest podcast episode.)

I personally use google calendar and each day have time blocks set out for different tasks I need to complete.

For example:

Work related blocks

Training block

Going for a Walk block

Downtime blocks

Meal planning Blocks

Since implementing this, it has helped dramatically from a time and productivity purpose.

Make these changes and let's all start winning each day together!!

Our latest podcast episode is on our website..check it out :)!!

Coach Luke


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