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EMP Newsletter May 2021

Well May has ended and it was another big month here at EMP headquarters.

We are almost 1 year old since doors opened officially. Although having to endure a pandemic and what has come with that, we have and are continuing to build an amazing community here at EMP, full of people who are commiting to themselves in all aspects of life looking to find their true potential physically, emotionally and mentally.



We are over halfway through our current mesocycle training block for our BUILD classes with the team currently in a phase of 5's for their A series work followed by lots of our usual accessory work.

For our HYBRID Conditioning classes, we are doing some longer style work, testing more of our aerobic energy system.

You can find our class timetable below:



Below are just some of our Members of the month, for this year so far. This is just a small reward for our members who are the most consistent and engaging each month.



DO you get enough vitamin D?

Did you know a huge % of our population are vitamin d deficient!!

Vitamin d plays a huge role in maintaining our health. A recent study also showed those with higher vitamin d levels were less likely to get Covid-19 proving the protective affects this vitamin has on our immune system.

If you are a person who spends most of the day working indoors, then you should be supplementing with a high quality vitamin d.

A good start is around 2000IU a day.

This is something i would also get tested with your regular blood test checkup.



Listen to EMP Performance owners Luke and Mel interview guests from all over the world share their stories of success, fails and knowledge on all things business, sport, mental helth, health and fitness.