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Join Emp Performance 28 Day Transformation Kickstart and see why our method get's sustainable, long term

❌Are you struggling to lose weight?

❌Do you want to add lean muscle mass?

❌Confused as to what you should be eating due to the conflicting advice out there?

❌Lacking motivation?

❌Lacking self-confidence?

❌Having poor sleep?

❌Feeling stressed?

❌Hit a plateau with your training? 

❌Need a coach to keep you accountable and support you?

If yes to any of these then we can help you...

These 28 days are all about providing and educating you with the necessary tools + habits to set you up towards crushing them goals!!



✅ 1 on 1 initial movement/goal session with one of our highly experienced coaches

✅ Unlimited Group class Sessions a week

✅ Weekly training program via app

✅ Open gym access 

✅ EMP Members pack + access to all in house seminars/events

✅ A Nutrition Plan that is Uniquely Tailored for you to help optimize your body’s abilities.

✅ Accountability, support and weekly check-ins with one of our highly experienced coaches over the 28 days 

✅ Access to our Exclusive Support and Community Group - you’re not alone!

Be our next success story and more importantly make the step to creating a better version of yourself!!
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