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Build..Burn...Eat more!!

Build...Burn...Eat more!!


Sounds great right...

I mean who doesn't want to eat more. I certainly do.

What I mean by this, is the more lean muscle we can build, the more calories we will need each day to maintain that muscle therefore meaning we will need to eat more food, nutrient dense food that is :)!!

Obviously this just doesn't happen after 1 months worth of training. It takes time, consistency and a well structured training approach.

Now obviously you need to know your goal, but for most people I would guarantee it would be to lose some unwanted fat, not only for their internal health, but to also look and feel good. So my approach is always how can we build more lean muscle which in turn will aid in fat loss due to muscle burning more calories at rest.

We burn up to 70% of our daily calories at rest just for our vital organs to thrive. That meaning the more muscle we have the more we are burning. On top of that the more muscle we have the more protein we need to help maintain and recover. Protein being a very thermogenic food due to the amount of energy needed to break it down, we then require more calories to help compensate this and maintain our hard earn't muscle.

Not only will building more lean muscle help us look and feel stronger, but muscle is also a very protective organ linked too many studies helping to increase longevity.

Now when it comes to food quantity if you need to drop some weight, a calorie deficit is needed so in this case protein will always be higher around the 1.2g/per pound of bw. This is to maintain we are not burning through our muscle when calories are less than we require as the body will look to use the stored amino acids as energy.

Yet when we are either maintaining our weight or looking to add weight, the sweet spot for protein is around the 0.8-1.0g/per pound of bw. Due to calories being higher, more than likely we will be eating more carbs each day, these will not only help fuel performance but are also protein sparing.

Over time as we get stronger, and build more lean muscle mass, our daily calories will have to increase. Knowing when and how to do this, is why having a coach to help you is important.

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Coach Luke


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