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Majoring the Minors!!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020


Majoring in the minors.

 What's that you say?

Pretty much it's what most people do! It's placing your energy and focus on the things that don't matter or at the very least don't matter the most.

It's often the easy fix, the magic solution, the thing we choose to do rather than the thing we have to.

Health and fitness is fixated in majoring in the minors from the juice cleanses, restrictive dieting, supplements, intermittent fasting, waist trainers, fat burners, keto, magic work outs.

The Truth is, the answer is simple but it’s not easy.

Let me list a few examples of majoring in the minors and what you should be doing.

Restrictive dieting! Why don’t you learn how to count calories and eat everything in moderation.

Blaming cortisol! Why don’t you focus on getting 8 hours of Sleep.

Fat burners! Why don’t you just stick to being consistent for longer than 2 weeks.

Magic exercises! Focus on progressive overload

And most importantly the quick fix! Majoring in the minors is often the easy way out it passes on the responsibility and gives us an excuse for the actions we Take.

Focus on the things that matter 

Coach Mel


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