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"Are you sleeping enough?""

Updated: Sep 13, 2020


Are we getting enough sleep and how can we get more?

As athletes and the general population we do focus so much on increasing strength, stamina and certain skill sets. At the end of the day these things are hugely important factors in becoming better.

But as you tend to get older you start to realise you aren't bulletproof and things like recovery really need to have a huge spotlight thrown on them. sleep and nutrition being the key factors of the recovery system.

Nutrition gets most of the attention simply because there is more money to be made from it in terms of products, diets and quick fixes. It's an easier sell. just saying to someone to sleep more isn't sexy and often people find it hard to gain a better quality of sleep.

The recommended dosage of Zzzzzz is 7-9 hrs a night. With the general consensus that 8hrs is that perfect amount. Now sleep quality is another thing altogether but sleep hygiene is a huge part of it. 

6 hrs of uninterrupted deep sleep for me is better than 9hrs of constantly woken up sleep.

Of course the dream is to get 8rs of pure bliss and for some people they might need a little less or a little more, but improving sleep hygiene is a huge part of that.

some thing to work on for that perfect night's sleep.     

1. Limit caffeine to no later than 2pm if you are sensitive to it

2. If you are a big thinker start journaling before bed and get everything down on paper rather than keeping it running through your mind.  3. Learn to meditate and relax your mind

4. Play around with meal sizes before dinner and see if that affects your sleep  

5. limit sugar before bed

6. sleep music

7. No phone in bed

8. limit tv consumption 

9. make sure your room is nice and tidy 

10. brush your teeth well before bed time 

Small things contribute to big changes.

Coach Mel


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