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What's your definition of fitness?


Everyone's definition of fitness and what it means to be fit should and will be different. When a person steps into the gym and embarks on their journey they should compare themselves on the goals they have set but more importantly how far they have achieving them.

A man who can run 5km but wants to be a powerlifter, a man with an amazing 6 pack but wants powerlifter, a girl who has a small waist but still thinks they're overweight. In many people's eyes they would look fit. The first 2 males have great physical attributes but aren't necessarily related to goals. And the female while she might look good, how she sees herself is not one a healthy and fit perspective.

Being fit is about being physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. One can happen without the other but if you have all three that's where you can truly shine.

A person's fitness goals might be as specific as being able to play with their kids in the park without feeling the pain of their knees. This goal will predominantly be around physical change. Another fitness goal could be once again feeling comfortable being intimate with their partner. Now this goal will need physical change and action but it will also require emotional growth.

Being fit is about having all aspects play their part and coming together to make the best version of you. Start redefining what fit is to you.

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