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This 1 thing can be the difference!

This 1 thing can be the difference!

This 1 thing can be the difference!

2 weeks ago I did a video stating the importance of having someone keep you accountable.

I was training a client when was asked if I was training that day.

My initial response was 'No' I'm way too tired today

Now this was a valid excuse I thought hahah as I was.

It'd been a big couple of days.

It was the reply I got from my client which made me change my thought

' We'll that's motivating'

Now I get it was in a sarcasm matter, but it flicked that little bit of motivation switch I needed

Look it's hard to be motivated everyday, life throws many daily challenges at us, but it was in this moment it made me really realize the importance of someone keeping you accountable.

Roles reversed for example, my client has booked a time with me with each week, a time that keeps them accountable to turning up and investing in themselves.

I as a coach believe this is one very important part if not the most important of my job.

So I ended up doing 30 mins of rowing intervals that day

And to be honest I felt a big energy shift after, it was what I needed to win the rest of the day

Moral of the story, never put a price on how valuable someone keeping you accountable can be.

Struggle with motivation and accountability, seek a coach :)

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"Potential isn't promised, It's pursued"

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