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Updated: Jan 10, 2022

As i sit here writing this blog, we are currently going through another big wave of Covid cases with Omnicron running riot.

me personally having tested positive 2 days ago, experiencing some not so pleasant side effects.

Now it may be inevitable that we all get it, if your one of the lucky ones who dont then well done haahaha.

But when we do have it, and after we get it, we should be focusing on food that enhance our immune system. A big percentage of us have weakened immune systems due to internal/external stressors (is there a correlation there who knows) so by focusing on certain foods , mineral and vitamins we can put our best foot forward to improve our immune system.

What to focus on:

Vitamin c- A potent antioxidant , that is essential for the body, we can't actually produce it naturally. Recommended intake is 75 women 90mg men a day, but i would argue we should have a little more than that, if anything you will only excrete excess through urine.

Vitamin c may reduce risk of chronic disease due its antioxidant properties.

it may help lower risk of heart disease.

May reduce high blood pressure.

May help prevent gout ( a type of arthritis)

Improves iron absorption (ingest some vitamin c rich foods with a steak for example)

Will help strengthen immune system and immunity

May help with protection of memory.

Foods high in Vit c are:

Kakadu plums highest if can get them


Yellow peppers





Just to name a few.

What to eat

Wide array colorful fruits veges ,lean protein sources, healthy fats

Just general nutrition advice that should be doing already, but even more so when have covid as your immune system is under alot of stress.

Plenty of low gi fruits and vegetables, healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil)

Lean protein sources

Drink plenty of fluids

Hydration is key also, focus on clean filtered water if possible, even better mineral water. Also to aid with adequate hydration and minimize loss of key electrolytes, add some lemon / sea salt to your water.

Add in anti viral/anti microbial foods/herbs

Things like :



Pumpkin seeds

Coconut oil




These have all shown to be effective in killing pathogens/bad bacteria .

Possible Supplements:

Probiotics for the gut (over 70% immune system starts here)



Cell charge ( very potent antioxidant supplement)

Last but not least...

Use the time to rest .

Catch up on sleep and just chill out .

Hope some of this info helps a little :)

Coach Luke

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