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Supplements Part 1- Myo-inositol

Supplements worth taking

There are that many different types of supplements out there it can get very confusing as to what to take.

Over the next few blogs, we will break down each supplement worthy of taking and go through why they are important.

This blog we will go through one probably less known to many people but has been shown to have great effects for our health and athletic performance.


Something our body synthesizes from glucose. It makes up every cell membrane and thus is important for cell membrane structure, function & hormones.

It is non-essential, but we don't make nearly enough form optimal health.

It has been shown to:

- Improve insulin signaling

- Improve energy production

- Drive glucose into muscle

- Improve TSH signaling (thyroid stimulating hormone)

- Improve glycogen formation

- Drive creatine into muscle

- Drive calcium into bone

- Improve deep sleep

- Shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate and improve blood lipids

As you can see it not only can help improve our health but also aids in improving athletic performance.

The body becomes depleted of inositol through:

- Magnesium deficiency

- Manganese deficiency

- Coffee/caffeine

- Elevated glucose levels

- Insulin resistance

- Lack of salt

-NAD+ deficiency

Optimal dosage:

1-2 grams a day is optimal for insulin sensitivity and athletic performance. Although it can have a laxative effect so breaking it up into 3-4 500mg servings a day may work better.

Otherwise play around with 1-2 grams an hour before bed or post training with some carbs.

When buying the supplement, it is fairly cheap and lasts a while, ensure just buy unflavored so it is the sole ingredient.

As always seek medical/health practitioner advice when adding supplements/starting new supplements.

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Ref: WIN, by (Dr James Dinicolantonio, Ben Greenfield)

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