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New thoughts on potential!

New thoughts on potential


Potential is something I've always been fascinated by. How does someone know what they are truly capable of?

Is there a limit of what someone can achieve, or is the ceiling sky high?

Or is your potential pre determined? 

Over the years my thoughts on potential have changed. When I was younger I used to think the word potential was a compliment. something a person was going to grow into, something that was just going to happen without any thought or action. Growing up we all know of someone who we thought could have had it all, but in the end they lived a life well below which they could have. I really do think we can become the person we choose to be.

We tend to think big with potential. How strong can i get, how happy can i be, how much money can I make? But what's the amount of potential a small change can make.

To lose 50kg you're going too have to lose first, to run a marathon you're going to have to take the first step. To find out how strong you really are you're going to have to push till failure. You'll never know what you are truly capable of until you take the first step.

At EMP we really encourage people to realise what they are capable of.

Where could they be physically, mentaly and emotionally if they put the work in?

It led us to this belief. "potential is never promised, it's pursued"

Where do you want to be?

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Coach Mel


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