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How often should you train?

How often should you train?

How often a week do you need to train?

Let's break it up like this

-For performance based goals you will be looking at 5+ strength & conditioning + skill sessions a week around 1-3hrs a session.

-For body composition specific goals, 3-4+ strength & conditioning sessions a week around 45-60 mins long, along with other habits will yield good results.

-For general health and maintenance 2- 3 strength & conditioning 45-60 min sessions a week will be enough to reap health benefits and maintain a somewhat substantial amount of lean muscle.

It's always important to understand your goals and why your training.

There will always be times where you go into maintenance mode then move more into specific goals mode, just understand there needs to be more sacrifice and discipline shown when changing between each.

Hope this helps a little especially for those who say they can't make time

2-4 hrs a week for most of us is all we need to invest in training, this we can all make time for

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