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How do i stay motivated?


How do I stay motivated?

Short answer - I don't (and that's someone in the Personal Training industry)

Longer answer - I stay dedicated to NEVER feel as lost, anxious, and mentally ruined as I was a number of years ago.

I made a promise to myself that I never wanted to feel that way again. So I haven't.

We have days just like everyone else in the world, I've cried with frustration, exhaustion, I hadn't improved or seen progress instantly - there was NO motivation there.

Yet there was DISCIPLINE, a habit and the thought of turning back into the person I had been scared me more.

Here's 5 reasons why motivation doesn't work;

1) Why doesn't motivation work? It will get you started but it's an emotion and emotions come and go.

2) We can fall back into old habits ie; Our comfort zone where we know we are safe - we won't stand out, we won't be uncomfortable and when "motivation" can dwindle - this is why investing in a trainer, coach or accountability partner is such a strong tool.

3) Distractions - they're everywhere! we get distracted by social media, i'll do it later, i'm too tired, but in the end "where your attention goes, your energy flows" if you haven't connected 100% with your emotional "why" for change then it's going to be very hard to sustain a new habit or goal.

4) Doubt - something that everyone goes through at some point along any journey " what if it doesn't work for me" "what if I fail after all this work" - setting ourselves up to fail before we start is one of the most common occurrences that we don't even realise we've done it sometimes, but that little voice of doubt will shut out motivation faster than anything else.

5) Failing to produce results - one of the hardest ideas to wrap our heads around is that success is a long term journey (dedication) not a short term sprint (motivation)

You need to fall in love with the process of learning about your body and mindset. Creating something sustainable and building new habits.

Coach Ellie

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