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Do you eat enough?

Do you eat enough?


Do you eat enough...PROTEIN??

After years of working with clients, one of the most common trends I have seen with their nutrition is a lack of consistent feedings of protein throughout the day.

For me protein is king!!

It's thermogenic, helps with aiding recovery, full of amino acids to help build lean muscle (organ for longevity) but when it comes to fat loss, protein plays a critical role due to it being a very satieting food source leading to less over consumption of calories.

Every day of the week if you had 2 donuts in front of you along with 2 chicken breasts, you will easily consume the donuts and still want more, but will struggle to finish the 2 chicken breasts.

Now for me I aim to get a minimum of 0.8/g per pound of bw of protein each day.

Break this up into 4-5 meals of 30-50g per meal.

So a sample day could look something like this :


3-5 whole eggs + veges or overnight oats + 1-2 scoops protein powder

Meal 2:

1 of the above options

Meal 3:

100-250g chicken breast + 1/2-1 cup rice + veggies

Meal 4:

100-250g steak

1/2-1 cup quinoa + green veggies

Meal 5:

100-200g salmon + large salad

Studies have shown that consistent feedings of protein every 3-4 hrs has the greatest effect on supplying muscles with adequate amino acids to aid in muscle recovery and lean muscle gain/maintenance. Keep it simple and consistent!!

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