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Are you over 30?

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Are you over 30?

Are you doing resistance training in the form of lifting weights?

No... then read below.

As we age we become time poor.

Things like kids + work, these become big factors in our lives in which we tend to put other things to the side.

And for many its the important things like your health.

Personally I believe there is never an excuse to not find time to invest in your health.

So many people live life going through the motions, not completely satisfied with how they feel, look or move .

Is this you?

The thing is the older we get the more important it becomes for us to be doing resistance based training such as lifting weights lifting weights.

Hormonally things slow down after the age of 30 year by year.

This leads to muscle wasting also known as Sarcopenia which can have negative health effects.

-Slower metabolic rate meaning easy to add fat mass

-Poor energy levels

-More prone to injuries and joint issues

"Accordingly, resistance exercise training should be considered a first-line treatment strategy for managing and preventing both sarcopenia and dynapenia"

There is plenty of research on the benefits of lifting weights to help with sarcopenia and the negatives associated with it.

Now, do you need to train everyday?


What we always recommend to all our members who do have a busy life schedule is aim for 3 hours a week .

(We have 3 structured strength days in our program so we recommend them but some will do 2 of them along with a cardio day. )

There is 168 hours in a week.

On average we sleep 56 hours a week.

This leaves us 112 hours a week to fit in just 3 hours to invest in adding & maintaining some muscle mass.

So there really is NO excuse.

Commit to investing in yourself once and for all and start today doing the things you can to move you forward to being the best you can be physically.

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