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Are you a beginner?

Are you a beginner?

Are you a beginner?

Let's be honest, when starting to lift weights for the first time it can be daunting

Totally out of your comfort zone, we get it, we have all been there.

This is why it is important to:

-First find a trainer you can connect to, has many years experience and has delivered results .

-Second find a place to train out of that is welcoming, supportive and has strong core values.

Once found these ensure:

-You build the foundations first focusing on movements that yeild the most bang for your buck.

-Don't overdo it with copious amounts of volume and load.

-Ensure you are recovering adequately with the right foods.

-Be patient and understand its a marathon, not a sprint.

Initially your body will take some time to adapt to the muscle soreness, but in saying that you will find you will progress queiet quickly due to the new training adaptations and learning new movements for the first time.

Last of all, enjoy the process

Remember this is the best investment in life you can make

Make it a weekly routine and watch other things in your life have a positive domino effect from it !!


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