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5 reasons you failed to get your goal!!

5 reasons you failed to get your goal!!


1. You simply weren't patient enough, so often when we set big goals we forget the process of how long it takes to achieve great things. we forget the process of re wiring beliefs, habits and rituals that either push us towards them or put us further away. I always tend to want to push people to over achieve than under, have a 12 week target? give yourself 16 weeks and commit daily non negotiables than even with busiest schedule you can maintain. 2.You aren't willing to do the work! this is a big one. so often in life we want big things and the health and fitness space is no different. creating huge change means taking big action right? yes and no! I do believe in action. But more so I believe in commitment. we overestimate what we can do in a month and underestimate what we can do in a day. 3.Your goals aren't that important to you. We sometimes set goals based on the standards of others. we set goals on how we feel we should look, we set them based on social media standards and how we want the world to perceive us. If you aren't trying to achieve something purely for you and the people you care about it's a long road to fulfillment. 4.You need some accountability. accountability is a huge part of success. This is why I encourage you to find a great coach who can help you with it. A good coach will help you with lots of things but accountability is an integral part of it, having someone that cares about your progression and keep you on the straight and narrow is the golden ticket.  5. You need to train hard and recover harder! trainining is so important to achieving your goal but so is recovery. Only half of the equation is in the gym the other is in your reovery which includes nutrtion, sleep, hydration and everything thats going to help yout body rest and repair. Make sure this is a big part of the plan and set clear non negotiables i.e water intake, protein targets and sleep.

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