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5 golden nutrition rules

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

5 golden nutrition rules

nutrition rules

For many nutrition is the hardest part.

Over my 10 years working with clients i have seen it all.

Juice detoxes, fasting, keto, no carbs after 6pm, low protein.... you name it, good chance i have seen it with a client.

And look they all might have there place with certain medical conditions etc, I'm not doubting that & not advising not to do them if have been prescribed to.

But for the majority of people who want to have :

  • Better body composition (more lean muscle, less bodyfat)

  • Improved performance in and outside the gym (be stronger + fitter, better energy = mental clarity)

  • Better hormonal health (key hormones like cortisol, insulin & sex hormones)

  • Better sleep

Its the simple things done right that yield these results.

Now when we talk nutrition there is no doubting calories is king closely followed by food quality. Get these 2 right and you will tick all the boxes above.

But i am a realist and for many busy professionals, counting calories is one extra thing that for most just wont stay accountable to doing .

So i have put together 5 simple rules i feel if people stick too, can be a good foundation without counting calories to maintaining all of the above.

Rule number 1:

Eat in a 12 hour window

This will allow for a 12 hour fasting window which helps in improved digestion, blood sugar control, reduced inflammation, detoxification & improved brain health just to name a few. This is the easiest method of fasting out of them all and still yields benefits without having to do ridiculous fasting periods which can be detrimental to hormonal health.

Rule number 2:

Break your fast with protein & fats

Starting your day with a high protein & moderate fat breakfast, will allow blood sugar to stay stable the rest of the day along with better energy & mental clarity.

A vegetable omelet i believe is the best way breakfast you can get.

The only exception to this if done a big fasted training session then i would add some carbs to replenish post session .

Rule number 3

Eat 8 servings of fruit/vegetables a day (600g )

Health recommendations is 4-5 servings a day but with the way the food is in this day and age due to soil depletion of key nutrients etc i always say more is better when it comes to fruit/veg.

A serving of veg is 75 so aim for 8 servings a day . Fruit is great i also say to limit your higher sugary fruits, keep them to 1 or so a day and focus your low Gi fruits ie all your berries etc, powerful antioxidant sources.

Rule number 4

Eat enough protein

Protein is key for maintaining lean muscle . Muscle being a organ of longevity.

It also helps with satiety which is key to reducing bodyfat and overeating.

Think your hungry, try eating a steak or chicken breast first before your higher carb /sugar foods for example then see how hungry you are after.

A good rule of thumb is 0.8-1.2 g per pound of bodyweight each day.

If want to lose some body fat go the 1.2 range if want to bulk go the 1 g range, if want to maintain your lean muscle go the 0.8g range.

Once established your number then we go to rule 5.

Rule number 5

Eat every 3-4 hours .

Eating less than this is un necessary.

You will be constantly raising blood sugar along with not giving your body enough time to aid in digestion. Takes roughly 4 + hours for your liver to digest foods such as meats , dairy, nuts etc.

Eating every 3-4 hours can ensure you are digesting the right nutrients , which is vital for all of the above.

So take the number from rule 4 and lets work out how much protein i need to eat in each meal if i ate every 3 hours which is 4 feedings:

Lets say a male who needs 200g protein a day divided by 4 meals = 50g protein needed at each feeding.

Now for someone say a female who may weigh 60kgs.

If they have to eat 132g protein a day divided by 4 meals (eat every 3 hrs) that = Only 33g each meal .

So like i mentioned i believe these are simple rules everyone who doesn't want to count calories can follow. Yes some days you will deviate but like the general rule of thumb for nutrition 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you are consistent doing the right things, that other 20% of the time you will deviate.

As always this is just advice :)

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Coach Luke

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