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2021 at EMP

Well where do i start!!!

Another year of this pandemic, dealing with everything it has to throw at us.

Going into 2021 after a short lockdown over the Christmas period here on the Northern beaches, i was pumped to hopefully finally get some momentum with EMP and some normality with life.

Well that was quickly knocked out of myself and Mel.

Here at EMP the year started off slow , but things started to pick up for us heading into the months of march/April.

We were gaining some momentum with new members, motivation levels from our current members were high, attendance from all was consistent and the gym was starting to finally pump the way we had envisioned.

Yet did we know, just around the corner we were about to be thrown a huge curveball.

A 4 month lockdown. A lockdown that really tested us all.

Mind you we only planned to open EMP in April 2020 , yet had to endure a 2-3 month lockdown before doors had even opened. So this was going to be our 3rd lockdown in just 12 months since we started EMP.

It started with the usual outdoor training in smaller groups, which we were like 'okay' we can make this work, with the ideology it was only going to be short and we will back inside soon.

1 month goes by, things escalate, restrictions get tightened , that's when the light bulb switches on and we come to the realization this is going to be a testing time .

We had to adapt and do the best we can to ensure our service to our TeamEMP community was the best we could do under the circumstances.

Moving half of the gym outdoors, setting up daily stations for groups of 2 at a time, undercover in our carpark was the best possible outcome we could offer.

For some members it wasn't for them, which we totally understood and it took a toll on the business overall, but to those who stuck by us whether they trained or not, alot of credit has to go to them as they enabled us to be where we are today...still open!!

On top of dealing with everything else covid was throwing at us, you could say, we learn't alot of lessons.

It certainly hasn't been the easiest first 18 months of business for us , and like many has been a daily grind during this pandemic.

Running a gym/business during a pandemic is testing times , credit to all those doing it. Gratitude, community, systems and a love for what you do (regardless of how worn out we are) has certainly helped us as well push through the last 2 years.

Yet we were fortunate to have a good 2 months inside to finish the year, along with a awesome Christmas Party with over 60 people attending, sharing some laughs and drinks together.

The community we are building here at EMP is truly amazing and what we envisioned when we started. We are far from where we want to be , but we will keep pushing and learning as business owners and with a bit of luck in 2022 we can get EMP to where we want it to be :)!!

Coach Luke

Join our #teamemp community :)

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