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EMP Performance – #1 Choice for Youth Fitness Training and Sports Performance in Frenchs Forest

There is no perfect time to start strength training. Begin early and you can create a solid foundation for improving your sporting performance in the future! EMP Performance has you covered with the best quality and performance-driven youth fitness training in Frenchs Forest. 


If you or your child has a knack for athletics, starting strength training at an early age is the best you can do for them. Strength and conditioning training for the youth can help them develop: 


  • Improved speed and agility 

  • Enhanced power and strength 

  • Reduced injury rates 

  • Accelerated sporting performance 

  • Improved physical and psychological wellbeing 


Keeping this in mind, EMP Performance has designed results-focused strength training for teenagers. The program is suitable for youth between 11 and 15 years of age, ideal for developing healthy lifestyles and positive exercising habits. In addition to building fitness, endurance and physical strength, our trainers can help boost the self-esteem and confidence of your child. 

Instil a Sense of Digital Downtime & Improved Exercising Commitment! 

It is time to take the next generation away from the ‘digital’ and drive towards more focused and regular physical exercising. Whether your child is involved in sports or not, our strength and conditioning gym can help develop a sense of body positivity and improved confidence. Our youth training programs are not just designed to build athletic abilities but can help integrate fitness into their daily lifestyle. Regular exercising can also reduce the risks of obesity and mental health problems in teenagers.   

Youth Training Programs – Designed with Adolescents in Mind

Do you want your children to grow across all fields of life, especially in sports? Focused strength training can help improve the physical strength of adolescents by up to fifty percent, studies suggest. This can help build a rock-solid foundation for children who want to pursue sports seriously. 


At EMP Performance, our athletic classes are specially designed for adolescents and their unique body & psychological needs. Their strength training and conditioning are closely monitored by a team of specialist fitness coaches who can help your children achieve the best of their abilities. The workout sessions are designed to be individualised, safe and adaptable to their varying needs. 


The strength and conditioning programs are geared towards honing their sports performance, building confidence, and channelling more vitality into the adolescents. We are committed to delivering top-notch youth sports performance training designed around stamina, strength, flexibility, agility, team skills and balance. 


Our coaches have deep expertise in training adolescents, focusing on mentoring, monitoring, and promoting the child’s core abilities. During the training sessions, the children can learn to move safely and correctly based on the fundamental movement principles of squat, lunge, rotate, brace, pull, push, and hinge. The classes will also cover how to hop, run, and move correctly – aimed at improving a child’s agility and movement patterns. 


At the same time, we also strive to make the sessions fun and a learning experience for adolescents. 

How will EMP Performance Benefit Your Child? 

Our youth strength training programs are aimed at building stronger, happier, and more confident kids. Know how we can support your child in strength and conditioning training.  


  • Fitness: Join our gym for youth and help them attain their full potential and nurture positive fitness habits for life. Whatever their favourite sport is, we have a highly qualified team of specialists who can coach them in cardio, gymnastic and cardio skills in a supportive, safe, and amiable environment. 


  • Strength: Using strength training in the right way and at an early age can help build excellent foundations for improved sports performance for a lifetime. The strength training and conditioning techniques we use in our gym can help prevent injuries and build a healthier and stronger child. 


  • Happier and Confident: At EMP Performance, our objective is to ensure that at the end of our sessions, every child feels more confident, empowered, and contended about their abilities. In addition to attaining a child’s personal goals, our coaches also focus on team challenges that can help boost self-esteem. 


If you are looking for high-quality, safe, and reliable youth fitness training near me in Frenchs Forest, then you are at the right place. We combine quality training with good lifestyle habits to imbibe the concept of physical and psychological benefits of sports among the youth. 


Limited spots available! Enquire now to book.  

Program run by our EMP coaches who have years of coaching + sporting experience at our French's Forest facility.


Option 1:$40/week direct debit for 2 sessions 

Option 2: $25/week direct debit for 1  session


Monday + Wednesday 4.30-5.15pm 

strength and conditioning for teenagers emp performance gym
strength training for teenagers emp performance gym
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