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Why I hate diets ?

Why I hate diets!!


I hate diets! And that coming from a personal trainer.

Or maybe I hate the meaning that's associated with the word. here are some reason why i hate them. - Diets are generally restrictive which means Usually going without, we humans hate going without things especially when we are used to having them. Psychologically i know for the most part this is often a Harmful trigger with food. - Diets are often short term. People will choose a diet to make the fastest progress. yes progress is what we want but not if it's not long lasting. Health and fitness is a long haul thing not an 8 week challenge 

- People start labelling themselves things ... vegan,vego,pescartarian,atkins, low crab, low fat. This just ticks me off, just eat for the person you are and for the food to best fuel your body. - Food is more than fuel, food is made for enjoyment. we need to eat the foods we love for long term health. This is includes mentally, emotionally and physically. - People lose sight that its not one single food choice to blame for the position they are in nor is eating one way the answer either. In the end people need to make food choices based on thinking consciously and develop an eating plan where they allow themselves to eat the foods they want and like as well as a nutrient dense base. Not doing this will always end you back at square one!!

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