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Where to start with your health & fitness?

Where to start with your health & fitness?


When beginning your health and fitness journey it can sometimes feel daunting the amount of work that needs to be done for you to achieve your goals. Creating habits, breaking habits and forming new beliefs takes time.

This is how i approach new clients when they come to me

Firstly I get really clear on what they want . Sometimes goals are not always achievable with some clients, not because they can't do it but simply because they aren't willing to do what is needed to achieve that result. often setting the goals for a longer time frame gives us the ability to work within their capabilities.

Secondly I focus on what they already do well, some clients have great understanding of nutrition and others have great understanding of recovery and some clients have both but need accountability. But often they need help with a bit of everything. i really make sure they continue to do things they are good at and don't over coach that area.

Thirdly we speak about things that they really struggle with. Unfortunately this might be a few things but that's often the case. We'll then decide on what's one task they can continually do to improve that area and continue to add things on top of it once they feel more comfortable.

And lastly we get to work ;)

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