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What are the best supplements ?

What are the best supplements ?


Supplements.... Many think are the magical solution to results.

A multi, multi billion dollar business which is marketed just perfectly to consumers.

But are supplements really what they are marketed to be?

Do they work?

What are the best ones?

For 99% of the population supplements are just a waste of money ,when most people aren't doing the small things consistently every day (refer to previous blog post 10 top tips for results).

For the 1% who are doing these things, generally these people being athletes, supplements is that extra 1% to help with aiding recovery and performance.

So what supplements actually have been scientifically proven to work:

- Creatine

- Whey protein isolate

and to be honest that is about it.....

You can find some studies here or there potentially supporting other supplements like backs, beta alanine, L-Glutamine etc but these 2 above are the only ones that have been shown to actually work.

For some people who struggle getting enough protein in their diet, supplementing with a protein powder can be useful along with an option for time poor people to use in smoothies and breakfast options like oats. But I always try to prioritise food first and make supplements a last resort.

Now in terms of supplementing vitamins, I always suggest to my clients to supplement with Vic D and magnesium as most of us are deficient in these due to lack of sunlight and it's hard to get enough magnesium through our diets.

So save your money and use it towards investing in your health through other ways such as: Nutrient dense foods, a experienced personal trainer, a respected and quality training facility.

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