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"The BEST fat burners"

Updated: Oct 12, 2020


What is the best fat burner?

Well unfortunately there is no magic pill or potion that melts away fat instantly.

Now if you go down the PED side of things, then that's a different story, but our approach is always the natural way.

Now its important you understand we are referring to unwanted fat, not weight. They are 2 different things, as we have spoken in previous blog post.

As you gain unwanted fat, it's actually your fat cells growing larger, we all genetically have fat cells, just the leaner you are the smaller the cells and vice versa the "fatter' you are.

In terms of losing that unwanted fat , doing the basics consistently will always be the best method.

Below are the 2 best things for losing unwanted fat:

-Stop making bad nutrition decisions

Start focusing on micronutrient, phytonutrient , earth grown foods.

Ditch the sodas, pastries, processed foods, alcohol as these cause inflammation within the body and are void of nutrients, which send the wrong signals to our brains tricking us that we are still hungry, therefore eat more.

Think about it- If you had ice cream in front of you, no doubt you could eat close to if not a whole tub without thinking twice. Now lets flip it and put the same amount of calories from apples in front of you. I guarantee 2-3 apples in, you would stop eating as your body would be more than satisfied.

Food is a very powerful drug, therefore making the right decisions is a game changer for our health and body composition.

-Start moving more

Here at EMP we always preach to do resistance training a minimum of 3 x week that consists of lifting weights ie squatting, pressing, pulling, hingeing.

Then on top of that we say everyday to get incidental movement in via a walk of some sort. Either 3 x 10 minute walks after meals or a longer 30-40 minute walk.

If you are consistent with these habits every week, not only will you feel better internally, but externally results will show.

Now there are 2 research proven foods tat we can ingest, which has been shown to be a thermogenic for the body, meaning increasing our body temperature and heart rate, which in turn assists in burning more calories.

These are:

-Black Coffee ( Depending on tolerance 3-4 shots/day, notice I say black, not coffee with the added creams, sugars etc)

-Green Tea ( Up to 4 cups a day has been shown to be effective)

Not only are both thermogenic for the body, but they both provide a large amount of antioxidants for the body.

Start implementing these tips constantly to a healthier and leaner you!!


Coach Luke


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