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"Best time to eat for training"

Updated: Aug 10, 2020


During the week we had one of our #teamemp members ask when they should eat prior to a training session?

Now there is a couple of answers to this question purely based around what type of session you will be doing, and also what time of day will you be training.

So let's break it down.

If training first thing in the morning say a EMP 5.15am session:

This time of the morning whatever you eat purely won't digest unless getting up at 3am to eat (ouch) so I would add a few extra grams of carbohydrates the night before to help top up your glycogen stores for the session. If need a kick, have a espresso, then after the session get a complex meal of protein and carbs into you.

If doing a EMP pm session:

By this time you will have hopefully eaten at least 3 nutrient dense complex meals i.e

(Lean protein source, solid serving of Low gi carbs such as pumpkin + small amount of fat) , so energy stores should be daily high.

I would always eat a solid complex meal 2-3 hrs prior to session, but if for some reason you are unable to, I suggest a apple or banana + maybe a fast digesting protein source such as Whey isolate around 30-45 mins prior.

Overall if we eating a adequate amount of nutrient dense calories each day, each session we should be well fuelled to perform at our best, but life does get in the way for all of us sometimes so by using the tips above we can assure we are getting the best out of every session!!

Coach Luke


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