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How to stay motivated?

How to stay motivated


Motivation is a huge part of long term success. But for most of us, motivation levels will differ at certain times.

Having low motivation levels will only lead to a domino effect of bad habits ie not training, eating the wrong types of foods too often. These bad habits then lead to unwanted weight gain, poor energy, lack of productivity and so forth. This then leaves us in a deep hole that for a lot of people it's easier staying in rather than doing the hard work at first to slowly climb themselves out of. This is where we need to find that motivation to firstly just get started and secondly keep us out of that hole long term.

So how do we find that much needed motivation?

Simple just watch a youtube motivation clip ...... hahah kidding but it may work!!

Motivation comes from within. You need to take a minute and just think are you really that happy with where you are at currently. And be honest with yourself, are you happy with those few extra kilos around the tummy, do you lack energy throughout the day, do you breathe heavy when do some sort of exercise (heck for a lot of people this means just walking), are you starting to feel stiff, sore back/neck etc. I could go on but you get the idea. The thing is all of us will find something, and for many of us we will to continue to live with this because we have become programmed to think it's okay and to be comfortable with it, when really deep down it is making us unhappy in some aspect which then has a carry on effect into our day to day lives.

Whenever we start to be too comfortable in life, things start to go backwards. We need to be seeking growth in some aspect every day, and that starts from you becoming the best version of yourself.

But I'm challenging you to use that pain, un-happiness as motivation to grow and become your best version

So quit being sorry and down for yourself, making excuses and just accepting that's you new norm for now, take some initiative, reach out to a coach/mentor for some help/guidance, get the right people around you for support and to keep you motivated long term, because if you do, your life will only improve for the better.

This is what we strive to do at EMP, keep our members motivated every day to be their best version through a sustainable, long term approach!!

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Coach Luke


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