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Copy of "Instant Gratification"

Updated: Aug 10, 2020


Instant gratification..

It's something we all fall victim to, wanting a short term action to be come an instant result..sounds good huh?

We'll often look for the quick fix and the easy road to undo all the past mistakes. 

One of the biggest things we have decided not to do at EMP was run challenges.

Challenges are often fueled by drastic calorie reduction with a short term approach to health with the whole to aim gain a quick result but way too often these results don't last. 

Once callenges are done people will often revert back to their old thought patterns and behaviours, purely because their short term actions aren't sustainable for any longer than 6-8 weeks and thats a stretch.

Do some research on the biggest loser contestants and see how many of them can actually sustain that lifestyle after the show or even mange not to just blow out and put all the weight back on and an extra few kgs.

I really do believe the quicker you lose weight or even gain muscle is how quickly you can lose improvemnent.

Results long term take building habits, creating consistency and nailing the micro as well as the macro.... instant gratification or the need for quick results don't fall in line with long term picture of health and well being. 

Working hard for something means you appreciate the result.

Delayed gratification is the hidden treasure..strive for that.

If i could give you one piece of advise have a read of "Atomic habits" 

Happy Monday!!    

Coach Mel


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