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"Your post covid comeback"

Updated: Aug 10, 2020


Your post covid come back With gyms around the country finally being back open I've got no doubt everybody is itching to make up for the last 3 months of  home work outs  This is going to be a pretty similar situation to the New Years resolutions where people will go 110% for the first few weeks only to come off the rails shortly after. Some key things I feel everyone should pay attention to are listed below. Training morale- I don’t think you should only just do things you like when it comes to training but for the first few weeks back please focus on them. Do things that will build up consistency and get you into the gym. Build the habit of just walking through the door. Focus on recovery- now more than ever focus on sleep. Your body will need it after not doing any proper resistance training for months. Set a reminder for bed time  Do less and execute- don’t overload yourself with tons of volume and sets. Focus on performing each and every exercise perfectly. Consume foods you like- slowly start making smarter food choices but don’t cut out everything you like. Focus on small win with nutrition for example - 1 less sugar in your coffee, 1 less glass of wine, smaller portion sizes. In time we want you to track your food again :) Long term success depends on eating and doing things you like. Accountability- I find the best way to do this is with a accountability buddy. Set up some tasks for the week with training, nutrition and recovery and ask them to stay on top of you with the list. You might not be perfect but this little helping hand will go a long way in continuing to tick things off. Now.......LET THE GAINS BEGIN 🏽 ReplyForward Coach Mel


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