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Today's new craze which is all over social media platforms with jacked up guys claiming it to be the next best so called "diet" when in reality it has been around for years used in medical practices such as helping with epilepsy.

But is it the best so called 'diet' for weight loss?

Well newsflash..NO!!

Before i explain why, you need to understand most people have and agenda on social media and that is to sell their product, which you will find is the case for most of the so called fitness experts claiming the keto diet is the way we should be eating.

When people start a keto diet, they will see results ie more energy, cognitive function and weight loss but this is due to depletion of carbohydrates which aids in less fluid retention therefore scale numbers will decrease, likelihood people aren't tracking overall calories therefore eliminating an entire macronutrient in carbs aids in them eating less overall calories, and with less carbs your cortisol levels will raise which in turn has your feeling full of energy due to increased adrenaline through our fight or flight sympathetic nervous system.

BUT...3-4 months down the track is when things start to turn, and trust me i have experienced these issues myself after experimenting for a while with high fat diets.

The main issues you will notice is thyroid issues, hormone issues and hpa-axis dysfunction( adrenal fatigue).

Our thyroid converts t4 to t3 from carbohydrate consumption and this is a very important process to maintain healthy levels of hormones, stress and aid in a healthy metabolism. 

Once we start messing with this, our bodies become more stressed which then i believe is one of the main factors of all diseases and opens up another can of worms.

So in terms of Keto, unless you have epilepsy or purely just don't like carbohydrates or fruit, then stick to eating those healthy carb sources.

And NO, you won't get fat, unless you are eating too many calories with too little energy expenditure.

EMP Coach Luke

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